Radio host and philanthropist Glenn Beck on Monday expressed his gratitude to Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan, who supported the rescue operation of Beck's Mercury One nonprofit that sought to evacuate more Afghans at risk from Taliban-ruled Afghanistan.

The 57 year old founder of the non-profit Mercury One took to social media to share a letter he sent to the Pakistan Prime Minister.

"We reached out and asked numerous leaders and civil societies around the world for help and Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan responded with determination and without hesitation," Beck wrote in a letter he posted on Twitter and Facebook.

"His leadership of placing humanity before politics is a great example of inter-faith cooperation between the faiths, bridged by the shared value of human compassion."

Beck added, "Prime Minister Khan's tireless leadership, supported by the military and civilian resources of Pakistan and their ability to cooperate with the Taliban, has enabled the first 2 flights to depart Mazar I Sharif with FIFA female athletes and their families on board, in keeping with their unequivocal pledge to allow civilian allies of NATO forces to depart safely if they wished to."

According to Dawn, Beck also reported in a separate tweet that Pakistan assisted in the departure of up to three planes that were "released by the Taliban," who he described as "businesslike in their responses" in responding to Beck's team's request to evacuate civilian allies from Afghanistan. He hailed the Pakistani Prime Minister for being "ble to make the difference between life and death for those on board" the planes, with "nearly a thousand civilians" on them.

Following the withdrawal of U.S troops from Afghanistan, Prime Minister Khan believes that Afghanistan could finally achieve peace after four decades of war, but on one condition. According to NDTV, Khan explained how "the Taliban hold all of Afghanistan" and that "if they can sort of now work towards an inclusive government, get all the factions together, Afghanistan could have peace after 40 years."

He also expressed worry over the Taliban's inability to establish itself as the new Afghan government, saying that "it could go to chaos. The biggest humanitarian crisis, a huge refugee problem."

Beck's other non-profit organization called the Nazarene Fund, also earned praise when it raised over $28 million to help save fleeing Christians in Afghanistan. According to The Wrap, several Twitter users applauded Beck and his efforts in rescuing up to 5,200 Afghan Christians out of Afghanistan, calling the radio host "God's hand at work" while describing the Biden administration as "evil" for "blocking this Christian exodus."

Another Twitter user wrote that Beck's audience and donors have "done more for Americans than all of Biden's supporters combined" when they raised millions of dollars to fund chartered planes out of Afghanistan.

According to the New York Post, each chartered plane cost Mercury One $750,000 each and were chartered from Afghanistan's largest private airline, Kam Air. Earlier this month, Beck lamented how the Biden administration's State Department was hindering their rescue operations.