While it's always important to remember that God has a purpose for the United States, it's equally important to keep in mind that other nations will one day become part of His global kingdom, Christian ministers say.

Noted Christian minister Larry Tomczak was joined by prophetic minister and author James Goll for four episodes of the "Here's the Deal" podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network to discuss God's revelation to him regarding the future of Israel and the Middle East.

"It is a prophetic gaze into the future," Goll said while explaining the title of his book "The Mystery of Israel and the Middle East."

In a nutshell, his work deals with the nation's descendants, whether they be Jews or Arabs.

"This book is broken down historically prophetically about the prayer book, and it brings one all together in that three-chord strand, and then it takes us into the future. So section one is prophetic beginning. Section two is the Prophetic in prayer. Section three is the prophetic promise. And then section four is a prophetic dangle to the future," he said.

He went on to explain that the nation of Israel was born from the marriage of Abraham and Sarah, followed by the Arab countries from the union of Abraham and Hagar, and Egypt from the union of Abraham and Keturah.

While his book delves into the details of why prayer for Israel and the Middle East is necessary, Goll also included a brief road map on his blog.

As shown by Moses, Nehemiah, Solomon, Asaph and the Sons of Korah, Joel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Daniel, Goll emphasized that intercessory prayers for Israel are common throughout the Scriptures.

Concentrating on Daniel, Goll also identified other reasons to pray for the Middle East. He said that Daniel prayed for the nations because he was aware of the relationship between prophecy and politics, and vice versa.

To a similar extent, Daniel saw these prayers as a command from the Scriptures, with the hope that his prayers would play a role in bringing about the fulfillment of those prophecies. Thus, the restoration of Israel is spiritually intertwined with the fate of all countries across the world.

"An understanding of the prophetic significance of events in the Middle East, therefore, should influence the prayers of the saints wherever they live in the world (see Daniel 9:2-3)," noted Goll.

A strong call to prayer for Israel

 Goll has also provided advice for how to pray for the countries in question.

1. Perform acts of identificational repentance.

As a general rule, his involves identifying with the sins of a country or the church, regardless of whether or not one has personally committed them. This necessitates a brokenness over the Church's passivity and fear, as well as for the Church's failure to stand up and act with justice in previous periods of history.

2. Pray for an awakening.

This is an appeal for the entire Church of Jesus Christ to be awakened to the "urgency of this message."

"Pray for protection. Pray for places of safety and refuge to be raised up in anticipation of times of persecution of the Jewish people. Intercede that the enemy's plans would be thwarted and that God's destiny for the Jewish people would be fulfilled in this generation," noted Goll.

3. Pray for a movement of signs and wonders.

Like the rest of the Middle East countries, a manifestation of signs and wonders from God is necessary so that the Jewish people's blinders might be removed and they can see and accept Jesus Christ as the sovereign Lord of their lives.

On why Israel's redemption is necessary, certain Charismatic circles believe that once the predicted 144,000 number of Israel is attained, they, as Hebrew followers of Jesus and their Gentile counterparts, symbolize the two witnesses in Revelation 11. Together, they will form an unstoppable force capable of powerfully spreading the gospel of Christ across the globe for a period of time before God calls them home.