The Federal Bureau of Investigation reportedly raided homes belonging to the members of the GOP in Colorado.

The Trump Campaign's Former Senior Legal Counsel Jenna Ellis announced via Twitter on Sunday that the FBI has raided the homes of conservative activists and election clerks who took a stand for the 2020 election results.

"Amid bias rebuke, FBI raids homes of GOP election clerk, conservative activists in Colorado," Ellis said.

The raid comes even after Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz already released a report that criticized the politicization of the department, Just The News highlighted. The said GOP members from Mesa County disputed the results in attempts to preserve the election files. The FBI conducted the raid in collaboration with the county and state law enforcement.

"The FBI raided the homes of Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters, Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert's former campaign manager Sherronna Bishop, and two others," Just The News said.

Peters confirmed the FBI raid in a statement released Wednesday, November 17. She said the FBI were "heavily armed" when they arrived to break down the door of her home, as well as, those of her fellow GOP members. She called the raid a "weaponization" that has never happened since Senator Joseph McCarthy's time in the 1950s.

"Today large teams of heavily armed federal agents, using a battering ram to break down doors, raided the homes of Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters and several of her friends and colleagues, mostly elderly women in their mid 60s. This is a level of weaponization of the Justice Department we haven't seen since the McCarthy era. Thank God Tina wasn't protesting critical race theory at a Virginia school board meeting or they might have brought two battering rams," the statement said.

Prior to the four GOP members' homes being raided, the FBI raided also the homes of Project Veritas staff, particularly that of journalist James O'Keefe's and his other associates. The raids are said to be targeted against 2020 election results skeptics.

The raid on O'Keefe has caught the attention of various elected officials in Colorado, as well as that of reporters and of the American Civil Liberties Union out of fears of "potential infringement of press freedom" by the Department of Justice and the FBI.

"These fears were exacerbated when information collected in the raid was published in the New York Times, which has been defending itself against a lawsuit filed by Project Veritas," Just The News stressed.

Horowitz, in the report he released, criticized the political bias of the Department of Justice which the public has already perceived. Horowitz stressed the need to maintain impartiality and integrity so they can become effective in administering justice to the public.

"The Department faces a challenge in addressing public perception about its objectivity and insulation from political influence. The Department's efficacy as the guardian of the rule of law depends on maintaining the public trust in its integrity, impartiality, and ability to effectively administer justice." Horowitz said.

Horowitz released the report in line with public outcry against the memo released by Attorney General Merrick Garland last October instructing the FBI and other federal agencies to act against parents who oppose the teaching of the LGBT agenda and Critical Race Theory in schools. Garland actually urged the FBI to increase its involvement in schools against teachers and school board members who allegedly threaten such teaching in school.

Garland actually called such teachers, board members, and parents as "domestic terrorists", which ended him getting some backlash for weaponizing the FBI in such matters. The Department of Justice was then sued by parents from Saline, Michigan due to the memo.