Leftists Disguised As Trump Supporters During Jan. 6 Capitol Riots Admit Telling FBI How To Infiltrate MAGA

Capitol Hill, Washington D.C.

Leftists disguised as President Donald Trump's supporters during the January 6 U.S. Capitol riots reportedly admitted telling the Federal Bureau of Investigation how to infiltrate the Make America Great Again crowd.

The Western Journal revealed that disguised leftists have infiltrated the Trump-supporting crowd and even told the FBI how to do so through a video that proves it. The said leftists were Walter Masterson and Peter Scattini who themselves infiltrated the Trump crowd. The Journal said they have checked the social media accounts of Masterson and Scattini and confirmed they were indeed leftists.

Scattini's YouTube Channel proclaims they "went undercover at the DC Riots," which meant he came to pro-Trump rallies with Masterson. The vlogs showed that they disguised themselves as One America News Network reporters and interviewed Trump supporters on January 6. Scattini revealed the same on Twitter.

"From Qanon to OAN to Fox News (which many of them dismiss as LIBERAL PROPAGANDA), there's a whole industry devoted to sowing distrust in our nations' institutions. Walter and I were disguised as OAN reporters. We were thanked dozens of times for being 'the only real news around'," Scattini said on January 8.

While in a separate video called Vlog #3, Scattini recounted how the FBI visited them for what they did on January 6.

"They introduced themselves as two agents of the FBI and one officer of the NYPD and asked if they could come inside and, of course, we said yes. We talked to them for about an hour, we are not in any trouble, but that was super weird. Walter is giving them tips on how to infiltrate Trump rallies," he said.

The Journal pointed out that the videos "undeniably prove bad actors with a leftist agenda" had infiltrated the U.S. Capitol riot and the "fact the FBI may very well have had something to do" with it. The media outlet alleged that the government seemed to care more on "targeting Trump supporters" than the BLM despite the latter causing "far more death and destruction" since the "FBI could be pushing a partisan political agenda and is fully willing to enlist the aid of leftist bad actors in order to do so."

Just this month, a new CCTV recording showing "the first group of assailants as they break in" to the U.S. Capitol building on "Wednesday, January 06, 2021" have been circulating in social media pinpointing that they were "wearing full tactical body armor." The video presents that the group may actually belong to the leftists Black Lives Matter or Antifa and not what mainstream media reported as Trump supporters, who were "never dressed in black."

Despite reports that those who caused riot at the Capitol were Trump supporters, a poll by Ipsos/Reuters in May showed that a majority of Republicans belief that "violent left-wing activists" were behind it to discredit Trump.

War Correspondent Michael Yon revealed that the tactics used in the Capitol riot pretty much resembled that of Antifa's since he himself saw that the "A-Team" of the said group was there. In particular, the said special trained group of the Antifa were actually guiding the crowd to go over the wall and setup ladders to be able to do so while encouraging the Trump crowd to, "Stand up for your country."

Even Alabama Representative Mo Brooks said in January that evidence have shown the "fascist ANTIFA orchestrated Capitol attack with clever mob control tactics."

So was the massive riot in the Capitol actually planned by the leftists? As previously reported here, "The left's silence, even show of support, regarding the violent and destructive Antifa and BLM riots prior to Jan. 6's events, and their sudden show of concern regarding the alleged violence from the 'Trump supporters' paint an interesting picture worth looking into."