A Christian entrepreneur assures that as medical tyranny rises to unprecedented heights and the value of the U.S. dollar plummets, a new Christian economy is taking root.

Gab CEO Andrew Torba wrote about a year ago, in February 2021, on the need of Christians creating their own parallel economy. He then spent the next 10 months building the framework for such a mammoth job, knowing well well what was about to happen.

He said that the refusal of people to take an untested and risky drug are ruining their lives. Military members are being dismissed for rejecting the experimental COVID shot, kids are being forced to drop out of school over jabs and masks, physicians and other dissidents are being censored from the internet, and the federal government is seeking to coerce businesses to require the shot for their workers.

"This will not stop until enough of us say enough is enough. We will not comply and so we must build," he wrote.

In response, he said that Gab has devoted all of its resources to developing infrastructure to support a parallel Christian economy.

"We have no interest in salvaging what remains of the existing corrupt and fallen secular system. Instead we are conducting our own 'great reset' and this time we are putting Jesus Christ at the center of this new economy," he explained.

Gab is now the only social media network in the world that protects any political expression, regardless of how "offensive" it may be. Torba believes that protecting free expression is critical for the survival of a parallel Christian economy.

"The Founding Fathers understood the importance of free speech which is why the very First Amendment to the Constitution was designed specifically to protect political speech and religious freedom," he said.

Torba notes that, only last week, a number of renowned activist and media groups classified the New Testament and core Christian theology as "antisemitic." He also noted that the Daily Beast, a far-left site, went so far as to suggest that honoring the birth of Jesus Christ is "very problematic" and conjures antisemitic concepts. Some Jewish organizations, on the other hand, are becoming increasingly assertive in their calls for the Biblical Truth of God's Word to be labeled as "antisemitic hate speech."

In fact, Torba himself was dubbed an "antisemite" for publicly recognizing Jesus as King and supporting Biblical Christian truth.

"Personally, I'm not going to allow that to happen. They can call me whatever names they want. I will continue to speak the Truth of God's Word and enabling millions of other people to do so by protecting free speech on Gab," he said.

Thus, Torba is inviting the world's 2.09 billion Christians, or 29% of the total global population, to join his Gab movement by pointing out that their combined GDP is $40 trillion, or half the global GDP and twice the GDP of the United States.

"The moment the Christian man awakens from his long peaceful slumber is the moment the house of cards collapses on the globalist regime," Torba said emphatically.

"2022 is the year the Christian man wakes up and stops being afraid of name calling. 2022 is the year the Christian man exits the secular system and starts doing what he does best: building something new."