Candace Cameron Bure encouraged the viewers of her brother Kirk Cameron's show "Takeaway" to find the joy that comes from God more than the temporal happiness that people can experience.

Bure shared to people that it's important to know the difference between the word "joy" and "happiness." According to the actress, joy is something deep inside people that no matter what their situation, there will be hope sustaining the person. Whereas happiness is an external-driven thing that a person could only acquire based on current conditions and that could easily change at any moment.

She explained that sometimes she felt unhappy because of bad things that she experienced however she knows that she has the joy that comes from God.

Bure said that true joy comes only through the salvation of Jesus Christ. 

She explained that when she committed herself to God, she was assured that eternal promise will come to her no matter how bad the situation she is experiencing. It gives her peace to know that she has a powerful God behind her.

"The world is ever-changing but God never changes," the actress said.

So, she needs to spend time in communion with God, reading his words, and praying. Her brother jokingly said that his sister was taking her "joy supplements" every morning, referring to the words of God.

She encouraged the viewers to always remind themselves of the truth and God's promises to avoid being carried away by world's views. Spending quiet time with God recharges her. For her, only God can give the "true peace that surpasses all understanding."

Her brother said that finding joy was very rare nowadays, especially this time when many people are in despair with the circumstances happening around. The actress explained that bad circumstances are always going to be there, so it's important to focus on the greater things that the Lord has promised.

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Moving To Greater Heights Of Her Career

Recently, it was reported that her fans weren't happy about her leaving Hallmark for GAC Media, after doing 29 holiday-themed films and the "Aurora Teagarden Mysteries" films.

In her new signed deal, she will have an executive role at GAC to help curate programming for the overall networks, according to Variety. She will also develop, produce, and star in programming across both GAC Family and GAC Living. Her company, Candy Rock Entertainment is set to develop and produce original year-round seasonal celebration content and will take a large part in the company's annual "Great American Christmas."

Hallmark spokesperson said that "Crown Media Network has enjoyed 10 years of collaboration with Bure." He said that they respect her decision and appreciate her for her many contributions.

Amidst actors leaving the network, they're also quick to sign deals with different artists and extend contracts to mainstay actors. According to the report, Hallmark plans to broaden its scope as the company has been under fire for not representing people of color and LGBTQ romances.

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