Several conservative commentators and fans blasted Fox News for promoting the LGBT transition among children after it featured a controversial story about two California parents who assisted their 5-year-old biological daughter in transition to becoming a boy called Ryland.

In his Twitter post, The Daily Wire's Matt Walsh voiced out that everyone at Fox News who had anything to do with Bryan Llenas' report should be fired immediately. He said he knew that many people at Fox News do not approve of the blatant promotion of sexual alteration among kids.

However, Llenas chose to report it and others chose to air it without covering the controversy around child transitioning. "It outright promotes the practice," he wrote. Walsh said that it's frightful, horrible, and sick to impose the alteration on kids' bodies.

In Fox News Correspondent's report, the parents, Jeff and Hillary Whittington determined that their child Ryland has managed to tell his parents about his gender preference before he could even speak.

Walsh then questioned the claims through social media, asking Fox News if they wanted people to believe that toddlers can choose their gender. He commented it was a violent and extreme form of gender dogma, expressing his disappointment that it was being promoted on Fox News.

As the video showed Ryland wearing girl's clothes, Ryland's mother Hillary claimed it was extremely uncomfortable for her child to wear feminine clothing and for them to repeatedly inform Ryland that she was a girl. Ryland transitioning to a male kid was supported by his parents, unlike other trans kids.

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Imposing LGBT Transitions Among Kids

Now that Ryland's already in his 14 years of age, Walsh expressed his lamentation saying that he was condemned to live in a body that was imposed on him as a kid.

However, in the video, Ryland's mother stated that if they had refused and done what many parents do, neither of the kids (Ryland and his sister) would have existed.

Some agreed with Walsh's statements, some do not and others were just curious also to what Ryland become as a teenager since there were scientific studies that gender alteration causes harm to children.

Just like the study of the American College of Pediatricians which claimed that youth transition was experimental because no single long-term study demonstrated the safety or efficacy of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries for transgender-believing youth. What they had found out in their study was long-term evidence showing medical intervention among adults was ineffective in preventing suicide.

Conservative Commentator Allie Beth Stuckey said she was surprised to know Fox News aired a report honoring people who imposed transitioning to their children's bodies.

She also revealed that as a child, she despised skirts and bows and preferred to dress in jeans and a white t-shirt, but that her parents didn't perceive her discomfort as an indication that she was meant to be a boy. Stuckey called "Transitioning" child abuse. She advised parents to let their children mature and teach them to appreciate their bodies.

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