"Spy Kids" Actress Alexa PenaVega joined Sadie Robertson Huff on her "Whoa That's Good" podcast to share how God worked on her life when she was suffering from an eating disorder.

In Huff's podcast last week, PenaVega shared some details of her life as an actress and a Broadway performer in her new book "What If Love Is the Point?: Living for Jesus in a Self-Consumed World." She shared that she began to develop an eating disorder when people complimented her more for having a slimmer body. That actress said if she didn't appear slimmer, no one would mention how beautiful she was. That's why she projected herself in a way that she would gain attention from others.

However, the torment in her mind didn't end when she maintained a body image that most women would like to. She was afraid for people to know that she has an eating disorder. PenaVega told herself at that time that it was her "end" when people would know about her secret. For her, it was the stronghold that her illness had over her. So, she encouraged the listeners of Huff, who were asking about eating disorders, to tell a trusted person about their struggle.

It was necessary according to the actress. She shared that when she started telling other people about her struggles, she felt that the eating disorder started to lose its power over her. "God did a whole number in my life to get me through the eating disorder," she said.

Despite getting through all of that, PenaVega was still not open to all people about her real pain because she was afraid of being criticized for having a disorder. She explained that as a child actress, her mom warned her mentioning about her struggles with others. Though it was out of protection, she said the enemy used it to keep a stronghold over her.

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Finding Freedom In God's Words

What turned her life around was her relationship with God. The word of God freed her from the lies of the enemy. She then encouraged ladies who had the wrong mindset for body image to turn into God's truth to experience freedom. PenaVega mentioned that she relied mostly on God, knowing that He was in control no matter what her life situation was.

Huff in return applauded PenaVega for being honest now with all her struggles. She was amazed by how much change she made herself into. She liked what PenaVega wrote in her book. When PenaVega became one of the "Hottest Teens" at the age of 14, sure it was a flex moment yet still it didn't build her self-esteem. Huff related herself when she also had the same struggles when she was modeling for fashion week. She mentioned she suffered from an eating disorder and an unhealthy mindset because of that.

Now, PenaVega was open with her struggles, sharing that Jesus was in the midst of it all. Huff said oftentimes famous personalities always project a positive image of their lives, so she was thankful for PenaVega being honest to inspiring others that people who had a personal relationship with God sometimes experience bad days. But despite those bad days, God was still in control.

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