Candace Cameron Bure Asks Fans to Push Back Against The ‘State Of The World’ By Live A Life of Gratitude

Candace Cameron Bure

Christian actress Candace Cameron Bure once again shed tears in another Instagram video, and this time it is because of the "state of the world."

"The Fuller House" star posted a series of Instagram stories last Thursday, June 10, 2022, emotional and candid, asking her 5.6 million followers, "Do you ever scroll through Instagram and just get sad at the state of the world?" To where she declared, "That's me right now," after a screech of heartbreak as she covers her eyes with her hands, Christian Post reported.

'Gratitude Challenge', Her Solution

The next video that the 46 years old New York Times bestselling author posted was to share her solution to how she can overcome all the frustration and sadness that she is feeling at the moment.

She presented the "Gratitude Challenge" explaining that she would rather think of all the things she is grateful for, and on top of her list is God, who she said is in control of it all.

"I'm grateful that He's already given all of us and me the ability to be justified before Him and be sanctified throughout the process of my life and that He redeems it all at the end," the actress confidently shared.

She later on also stressed the importance of fitness and of how it is effective in transforming her "sad" feelings into positive ones, MSN wrote.

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'God's Standard Of Goodness Is Different From The World's', Bure Testifies

Bure has currently taken an executive role at GAC Media, an addition to all the "hats" that she wears.

She has always described herself as a woman who wears many or different hats as seen on her Instagram account and website. But the best hat she gets to wear and the 'most life-changing" is being a Christian.

"I am a Christian woman who loves Jesus and seeks to give Him the glory above all else."

Bure has always been open about her Christian faith over the years and maximizes the social media and her other platforms to discuss her religious views and share the goodness of God, according to Page Six.

The wife and mom of 3 shared her testimony and said that when she became a Christian she finally saw that God's standard of goodness is different from the standard of the world.

"For the first time, I saw myself as a sinner. Jesus paid my fine, and that there was no love greater than that. He rescued me, He saved me, He delivered me, and knowing those truths led me to real repentance and change. Out of gratitude for what Jesus did for me, I started to live a life of service to Him, and my deepest desire is to hear Him say, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

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