Pastor Explains Why We Should ‘Eschew The Q’ In ‘LGBTQ’: Because It Simply Means More ‘ReQruits’

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Scott Lively, a lawyer, preacher, and human rights expert discusses the LGBTQ community's deliberate systemic activity, where the "Q" in the abbreviation essentially represents "ReQruits."

"Eschew the 'Q.'" This is Lively's advice to readers in his entry for WND.

He said that the letter "Q" for "Questioning," in the acronym "LGBTQ" indicates a group of people who are the "prime candidates for recruitment into the LGBT army."

"'Q' effectively stands for 'ReQruits,' and serves the same function for the Marxist faith that the term 'seeker sensitivity' serves for the Christian faith - a system for and emphasis on attracting new members," he explained.

This "recruiting," according to him, is accomplished mainly by persuading vulnerable young people to embrace the LGBT ideology and engage in same-sex behavior with one another.

Lively also claims that the inclusion of the letter Q in the LGBT acronym, when employed by proponents of sexual behavior outside of monogamous heterosexual marriage, serves an implicit and occasionally explicit purpose.

"It is why I advise everyone who cares about the moral, emotional, physical and spiritual health of young people never to add 'Q' to LGBT when referencing the coalition of people with same-sex attraction disorder and/or gender-identity disorder. To do so enlists you in the recruitment process whether you intend it to or not," he asserted.

While recruitment of adults into the same-sex lifestyle is common and widespread in male homosexual culture, Lively believes that the continuous mass recruitment of young adolescents into homosexual and/or transgender self-identification via culturally diverse social technology, marketing, and propaganda far outweighs the former.

Additionally, he said that "'Q' implicitly presumes a new civil rights class protecting 'children's sexual choice,' which both legitimizes adult/child sexual relations such as pederasty (if the child wants or accepts it) and invites/encourages children to dabble in sexual deviance with each other."

Why the concerted push for the LGBT agenda

Lively said that the humanist, liberal and self-focused value system has become dominant and that these are what the "elites" are working hard to promulgate. Examples are legislation to expand LGBT rights and proclamations to celebrate Pride month.

He describes these growing acceptance and obligatory celebration of same-sex attraction disorder as a kind of "ideological tyranny" in which groupthink is enforced and disagreement is criminalized.

The way this tyranny is achieved is through a process which he calls the "Five Steps of Homofascism: Tolerance, Acceptance, Celebration, Forced Participation and finally, Punishment of Dissent."

He explained that this is the process that is used to compel people to submit to every aspect of the Marxist agenda, and that the LGBT movement has always served as the "point of the Cultural Marxist spear."

Although the BLM/Antifa racist agenda garnered publicity in 2020 and 2021, Lively maintains that it still trails far behind the LGBT community in terms of real political influence.

"Nothing else today, or in all of world history, compares to the imposition of "Gay Pride" on humanity, with every U.S. embassy in the world (and countless formerly Christian churches) flying the counterfeit "rainbow" flag for the month of June and extravagant triumphal parades occurring in thousands of cities in dozens of countries," he said.