The Servant Christian Foundation Runs Hundred Million Dollar "He Gets Us" Campaign to Bring Young People to Church

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People reported on the ad campaign funded by The Servant Christian Foundation that's dedicated to promoting Jesus Christ to younger generations. The campaign is set to appear as TV commercials, billboards, online content, as well as a Super Bowl ad.

Apart from the advertisements, the campaign is also releasing merchandise. However, instead of money, those looking to get statement pieces will have to do actions of kindness, compassion, and love. It says that as a completion of "payment," those interested are encouraged to post about the gear on social media and what they did to get it.

Changing the Perception on Jesus Christ

 On the report, it says that it aims to show "Jesus in a new light." The ads were said to have been made through Haven, a marketing agency in Michigan. Jason Vanderground, the president and spokesperson for Haven, said that the campaign aims to help the young people to perceive Christianity in a new light and to show them the common experiences they've seen.

The report added that studies suggest that there is a trend of negative perception when it comes to Christianity. There's also the study that reported that in 2021, there has been a huge decline in church membership.

The campaign has several statements about Jesus plastered over its material. It has "Jesus made space for everyone," "Jesus was a refugee," and "Jesus was wrongly judged," among others.

On the campaign's page, it says that it came from a diverse group of people who are passionate about "the authentic Jesus of the Bible." It reiterates that it is not a part of any political organization nor is it affiliated with any church or denomination.

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The Servant Foundation, Inc. and The Church of the Servant

According to the page of The Servant Foundation, Inc. it is an endowment fund with the purpose of taking care money and property dedicated to the specific beneficiaries of the Church of the Servant.

The Church of the Servant is an Oklahoma City church that started in 1968 through the efforts of Norman Reeves. On its page, it says that it held its first worship service on the Sunday of Supetember 8, 1968 at the Northwest Expressway with 148 people.

The church follows the Great Commission as told by Jesus in the New Testament as its own mission.

As for the beliefs of the church, the church follows the Apostle's Creed. As such, it follows the general Christian belief in the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

It also believes in the Bible as God's Word and that it is the "primary authority for our faith and practice."

It also follows the sacrament of baptism and says that it is a sign of God's love and the forgiveness of sins. The church provides baptisms to anyone, regardless of age and does it either by sprinkling, immersion, or pouring.

Also, the church follows the Holy Communion as a reminder of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The church also sees it as a way for Christians to be empowered for mission and ministry.

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