Trump Impeachment Lawyer Plans To Use Democrats’ Own Words Against Them

Bruce L. Castor, Jr.

President Donald Trump's impeachment lawyer, Bruce Castor Jr., plans to use the Democrats own words against them, a report said.

"When you have the president of the United States give a speech and says you should peacefully make your thinking known to the people in Congress, he's all of a sudden a villain," Castor raised in an interview with Laura Ingraham of Fox News last Friday.

Castor cited that "there's an awful lot of a tape of cities burning and courthouses being attacked and federal agents being assaulted by rioters in the street cheered on by Democrats throughout the country, and many of them in Washington, using really the most inflammatory rhetoric that's possible to use" yet none was done against them unlike with Trump.

"And certainly, there would be no suggestion that they did anything to incite any of the actions. Certainly, there wasn't any anyhow," he pointed out.

Castor said these footages are actual evidence against Democrats guilty of what they themselves accuse Trump and desire to impeach him in the Senate with, as per The Blaze.

"So you got to better be careful what you wish for. It's all prosecutors trick," he added. "When you don't have a good enough case, you just put up all the really flashy stuff, and then kind of smooth over the fact that it doesn't really connect up to the guy that's on trial."

In fact, Castor intends to use "dueling video" to counteract allegations against Trump inciting violence last Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol. The Blaze said Castor plans to do this after predicting that the Democrats intend to use the video of Trump's speech during the Save America Rally for the impeachment trial.

A Republican prosecutor from Pennsylvania, Castor is said to be the perfect man "for the job" in defending Trump with his second impeachment. Law.Com cited litigators from Pennsylvania describing Castor as one who does not shy away from controversial clients and "unafraid to buck the establishment" yet one who his clients, such as Trump, can not "boss around" being a "veteran litigator," a demeanor he is displaying days before the actual impeachment trial.

Backing up Castor on the need for Democrats to use the same standards of impeachment they use for Trump--particularly to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer--is Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, The Blaze said.

"If we're going to criminalize speech, and somehow impeach everybody who says, 'Go fight to hear your voices heard,' I mean really we ought to impeach Chuck Schumer then," Paul told Fox News last Sunday during his interview.

Paul narrated an incident where Schumer went to the Supreme Court and threatened Associate Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh that they will "pay the price."

"He went to the Supreme Court, stood in front of the Supreme Court and said specifically, 'Hey Gorsuch, Hey Kavanaugh, you've unleashed a whirlwind. And you're going to pay the price,'" Paul highlighted.

"This inflammatory wording, this violent rhetoric of Chuck Schumer was so bad that the chief justice, who rarely says anything publicly, immediately said this kind of language is dangerous as a mob tried to invade the Supreme Court," he added.

"If you're going to criminalize his speech, you have to do it with the same standard. You can't just criminalize Republican speech and ignore all the Democrats who have incited violence."