A Regent University student, Emily Arant, also known as Lupis Vulpes, has been blacklisted by the animation community that once supported her.

Lupus Vulpes who has more than 200,000 YouTube subscribers used her art business to pay for college. Vulpes proudly and publicly identifies herself on her Twitter bio as a "follower of Jesus Christ"

"I kind of stood out in this community like a sore thumb because I love Christ and I didn't draw the same things that other people would draw," she explained.

The start of the blacklist started over the summer when one customer requested a drawing of the transgender movement flag."I told them I don't feel comfortable doing that and I'm a Christian," Vulpes shared. Subsequently, another customer urged Arant to donate money towards and promote the Black Lives Matter movement.
Vulpes expressed discomfort from the interaction, "They wanted me to earn a bunch of money for the organization as well as advertise for it but it just felt weird and manipulative so I wasn't going to do it."

Arant said soon after her rejection to contribute to the Black Lives Matter movement, her phone started to "blow up with messages and alerts from people."

The animation community turned against her and called her out for having "transphobic and homophobic views" and in a six-page Google document, links to screenshots and social media posts of callouts of Arant's behavior were recorded.

"As far as my business I believe it's destroyed," Arant shared.  However, she didn't lose focus of a higher calling. "It looks like from the outside that I've lost but I really think that this has been a victory for the Lord. If this could have helped one person to find Christ then it's worth it to me to lose my whole business - and I really mean that," she said.