Executive director of the Council of Korean Southern Baptist Churches in America, James Kang, wants Korean pastors to become not just a small ethnic group but a main part of the SBC.

"We want to be a main part of the SBC. We want to bring some of the Korean church strength to the SBC," Kang declared.

Kang believes some Korean churches aren't aware of the Cooperative Program or there is a language barrier that buffers them to contribute. Either way, Kang recognizes that their is a problem and is striving to mend the gap by encouraging participation in SBC life.

Kang shared his passion for outreach in a statement, "We want to work more closely with the different agencies. I want all the Korean churches to be more involved and participating more in the Cooperative Program."

An estimated 250 Korean missionaries serve with the International Mission Board and the Korean Council, which serves with the North American Mission Board to provide additional funding and mentorship opportunities to church planters. The Korean Council has been working with GuideStone Financial Resources to help pastors to plan for their retirement by offering $50 per month to churches for a year. After 12 months, pastors are asked to contribute $50 per month. 

The Council also showed support to struggling churches impacted by the pandemic by creating a fund which will help fund $1,000 to 147 churches.
"When the pandemic broke out, many churches were panicking, especially small churches that were struggling with paying rent and paying the pastor's salary," Kang shared.

Kang expressed that an individual church cannot accomplish The Great Commission on its own. With action,  Kang showed the love of Christ. He showed how we should treat others and he showed the importance of caring for one another.