Communicating with others plays a very important role in keeping people united. A Christian author knows this and shares a few tips to help people communicate with others.

The book of Genesis 11 showed how communication empowered the people building the Tower of Babel. Even God Himself that day testified that nothing will be impossible for them because they had one language.

Living in the present era, people have a wider variety of communication platforms. As the number of ways people communicate increase and the transfer of messages speeds up due to the power of technology, there's the danger of compromising one's message, failing to communicate it effectively.

Daniel Darling, an author and Senior Vice-President of Communications for the National Religious Broadcasters shared some important tips in communicating with others. He also published a book entitled "A Way with Words: Using Our Online Conversations for Good," where he shared how Christians could effectively communicate online without compromising their values.

Below are some of the key points that the man who loved the words shared.

"God loves our offline version"

Social media is one effective way to impact others with the life of Christ. As the internet is almost limitless, the possibilities of reaching people also have limited boundaries.

However, God loves the offline version of believers. Communication flows better once a Christian is confident that everything that he projects online is a product of his relationship with God. As Matthew 12:34 says, the content of the heart is what will flow out of the mouth.

"Our Words Draw Others to Christ"

Being a Christian, going on social media does not only mean having an online presence. As the great commission says, believers are to spread the gospel.

Every word posted and shared online must show that one is a representative of God and draw them to the Father. Even in the way Christian comments and reacts, people are observing. They must be mindful that their words could make or break lives.

"Be slow to speak"

The Christian author quoted the scripture in 1 Peter 3:15 where God commands people to be holy. Being God's ambassadors, the way believers respond sends a message to the world.

In every situation or issue, it is necessary to think first before releasing any word. Situations are better resolved when people respond instead of reacting.

"Know the Details"

Christians are stewards of truth as they are called to carry the gospel of truth. In communicating with others, having the reputation of always weighing every detail will help establish the people's trust.

Darling asserted that to effectively communicate, one must read not only the headline but the whole article. Going down to the roots of the news establishes a reputation for being a reliable source.

"Be careful of confirmation bias"

Daniel Darling suggested that in order to prevent confirmation bias, reading from various news outlets helps. He added that believers should be skeptical in delivering every story.

He explained that as the battle against fake news rages on believers should be reminded of Philippians 4:8 where Apostle Paul urged Christians to be in pursuit of truth.

In an interview about his book, Darling said that it is not a coincidence that God placed the Christians of today in this era. He reminded everyone to be good stewards of opportunities and speak truth, grace, and beauty through social media platforms.