In the predominantly Islam nation of Albania, Christians received thousands of Bibles, books, and other faith-based resources to help them grow in their faith.

Mission Cry, an organization that helps empower believers around the world by sending them Christian resources, successfully sent 27,000 Bibles along with books past the borders of Albania on Nov. 9.

The organization's president, Jason Woolford, told Mission Network News that the project was conceived when a ministry in Amsterdam talked to them about bringing in resources to Albania. All in all, they were able to ship half a million dollars' worth of Christian materials, he said.

But the task wasn't easy. The container had to go through thorough inspections to make it past the Albanian security.

Muslims comprise more than half of the nation's population, making it challenging for Christian missionaries and organizations to ship bibles and Christian materials in Albania. For such materials to get through, containers must pass strict inspections.

Muslim workers conducting the inspection automatically report the entry of Bibles to the authorities, who make the entry of shipment more difficult through paperwork requirements. The authorities often try to prevent the containers from entering by scrutinizing the shipment's papers.

Mission Cry made sure all requirements and documentation were met and that there were no loopholes. They carefully navigated the bureaucracy and secured all the necessary permits before allowing the shipment to leave their post.

"We had to go through a lot of hoops for documentation, paperwork and clearing agents so everything was done above and beyond reproach," Woolford told The Christian Post.

He added prayer was an important factor that made the project a success. He said they asked the people to pray for their project, and they witnessed the favor of God.

"We asked people to pray, and God worked because the container's clear," he said.

Christians in Albania occupy a small percentage of the country's population. Mission Cry hopes that the Bibles and Christian materials they sent would touch not only the believers but also those who do not know Jesus yet.

Mission Cry is formerly called the Christian Resource International. Woolford, a former Marine drill sergeant, gave the organization its new name because it sounds like a battle cry for the Lord.

His desire to reach out to communities who do not have access to the Bible began when He received a vision from the Lord. He saw Christians who lost battles even though they had the armor of God on. When he asked God what the confusing vision meant, God told him that although the Christians had their armors, they lacked the shield of faith and the word of God that serves as their sword.

Without God's word, it is impossible for believers to have the shield of faith and the sword of the Spirit, Woolford explained.

The organization also gives Bibles not just to churches but even to pastors located in different parts of the world who don't have their own personal copy of God's word. Mission Cry has sent more than $375 million worth of Bibles to almost 180 countries.

Woolford urged Christians to support the work of Mission Cry by praying for them and by donating either cash gifts or used Bibles and Christian books.