While looking for food in the dumpster so that he could eat, Sean Currey found something else that caught his attention. What he did with it resulted in making everyone happy - including him.

Currey had been homeless for the past five years and he survives by looking for food in places such as dumpsters. One day he found a wallet. There was no cash inside that wallet, however. What Currey found inside the small, floral-patterned fabric pouch were different kinds of important cards, the Washington Post reported.

Resisting temptation, Currey immediately called up the number found in the wallet. "I would want someone to do the same thing for me if I lost my wallet," Currey explained. "I knew this woman was probably beside herself not knowing where all her stuff was," he added.

Evelyn Topper, the owner of the wallet, was already distraught after finding out her wallet was missing--she did not realize it was missing until she got home. Topper's wallet contained several important cards such as her driver's license, roadside assistance card, several debit and credit cards, plus health-care cards.

Recalling where Topper may have left it, she forgot to zip up her vest pocket after paying for her and her granddaughter's drinks causing it to fall out of the vest. She actually had lost all hope that she could be reunited with her wallet--thankfully, a good samaritan showed up.

Topper and Currey met up right after the call and Topper could not be any more glad that it was Currey that found her wallet. They met up at the parking lot of a shopping center where Currey regularly spends his night--cramped in his Chevy Tahoe.

Topper was so glad that Currey found her wallet that she had to tell it to her daughter and granddaughter during her transit to her house. Upon finding out about the act of kindness Currey did to her grandmother, 12-year-old Mikayla Gounard wanted to help him out in any way possible.

So, during her socially-distant, drive-by twelfth birthday party, the ever so thoughtful Gounard planned to ask her friends to donate to her cause rather than to give gifts to her.

Initially, she was still looking for charities that she could give the donation to. However, after finding out what happened, she then decided that everything that was donated would be given to Currey.

Gounard ended up raising a few hundred dollars throughout her party, NBC reported. Immediately after the party, Gounard, with the help of her mother, went to where Currey was staying and gave the money they had gathered during her party.

"I think that it's really important that people who think that because you got pushed down you can never get back up again," Gounard shared.

Currey, in response, expressed his gratefulness for what happened.

"I'm humbled," Currey said. "I'm just blessed. It's hard to express words for it. I'm at a loss. I'm warmed by it, 100%."

Additionally, the mother-daughter tandem had started a GoFundMe page Currey to support him throughout the pandemic. The goal for the GoFundMe page is to get Currey out of the street and find him a home where he could be warm and safe. As of writing, there are over a thousand donors--raising almost $45,000.