Despite the fact that he inherited the effects of the Trump administration's policies pertaining to religious freedom, Joseph Biden did not mention anything about it during his recent inauguration.

As Biden was sworn in during the inauguration, people waited for him to touch on the issues of religious freedom during his first speech. However, his speech focused on broader themes currently affecting the country and did not mention anything about the Trump administration's policies with regards to the freedom to exercise religion that he inherited.

Given the fact that Biden is a Catholic, people expected him to mention his plans on the issues of First Amendment rights that the United Nations called the basic human rights during his inaugural address. Instead, he focused on major themes of American identity.

During his inaugural address, Biden stayed away from any form of political language. He also did not mention anything about any partisan divisions, according to International Christian Concern.

The speech also did not mention any promise about the new administration's plans for its first 100 days in the office. Aside from the major domestic themes such as the coronavirus response, Biden's words did not lay down any specific policy pursuits or legislative platforms he plans during his term.

Donald Trump has been bold in his stance on the issue of religious freedom and made it a prominent U.S. foreign policy. He paved the way for the executive order on international religious freedom as well as the Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom. He also empowered the Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom and the global International Religious Freedom Alliance.

While more people now remained speculative on how the Biden administration would tackle concerns on religious freedom, reports say that it intends to be as tough as how the Trump Administration handled the issues. Members of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom believe that the present administration will do so, considering Biden's religious affiliation.

"In general, I have always appreciated the Trump's administration's support for religious freedom internationally," said Rex Rogers of SAT-7 USA. "And I'm hoping under the Biden administration there will be a continuation of support for what we'd call First Amendment freedoms, or what the UN would call basic human rights," Mission Network News reported.

Along with the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom was founded the same year aiming to address the religious persecutions going on in different parts of the world. The move opened doors of opportunities for progress in religious freedom in certain parts of the world.

"I wish religious liberty for anyone and everyone. I believe that in a place of religious liberty, Christians have an opportunity to express themselves, to live out their faith, to interact with those around them that do not share their faith in a way that is a fantastic testimony," Rogers said addressing concern how Christians face persecution by sharing their faith.