A group of Satanists erect a huge billboard in Texas saying that abortion "saves lives."

With a 40-foot tall billboard that says "Abortion Saves Lives" in Texas, the Satanic Temple group is proud to share that they have two more similar billboards erected in Miami and Houston, Life Site News reported.

With Joe Biden as the new president of America and Kamala Harris his second-in-command, abortion is once again front and center in politics.

For Biden, it's the promise of rescinding the Mexico City Policy and allowing women the freedom of choice to use any form of birth control they see fit - even abortion. For pro-life groups, fighting for laws that protect the sanctity of life is their top priority.

In the midst of it all, it seems that the devil is doing its work and working its way in every state within the nation. Now, the Satanic Temple proudly erected a huge billboard that says that the abominable act of abortion actually saves life and the Satanist group is more than proud of their accomplishment so far.

For many years now, the Satanic Temple has pushed for pro-abortion laws and even said that killing a baby is a "religious ritual" that is protected by laws.

Last August, the Satanist group launched a campaign saying that "Satanist Abortions Are Protected By Religious Liberty Laws." The group claimed that under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, abortions are "exempt from unnecessary regulations" since the murder of innocent babies are but "religious" practice.

It is simply mind-boggling for such a group to think that a law that should protect religious liberty can also be the same law that should allow the killing of innocent babies.

According to the campaign, the state must end its restrictions on legalizing abortion and that it must be allowed because the act is part of a religious ritual.

Before the campaign happened, the Satanic Temple detailed their attempt to use the nation's laws on religious liberty to their advantage. Since then, the Satanist group has not stopped to perform maximum offense to Christians and pro-lifers all across the nation.

This time, they commissioned a huge billboard that tells of a lie and they even misinform commuters that killing babies is allowed under religious liberty laws by saying, "Our religious abortion ritual avert many strict restrictions."

Ironically, there is no mention of abortion in the Bible being a "religious" act approved by God. The Bible does not condone the act of a child sacrifice, which pagans do.

In their blind defense of feticide, the Satanist group even gave the assurance that their "religious abortion rituals" does not glorify abortion but rather affirm the person, who will most likely be a woman.

Lucien Greaves of the Satanic Temple explained, "What they're doing is not a violation of their deeply held beliefs, it's something affirmative for them."

Greaves went on to explain that they are not into child sacrifice.

"We're not doing anything of the type that would equal something even close to infant sacrifice. We're putting the safety and welfare of the pregnant person first."

This is despite the billboards' blatant admission that abortion is a "ritual" for them, and their website's confession that abortion is a satanic religious practice.

Desperate for publicity even if it's the bad kind, Greaves welcomes the opposition that he's getting from Christians. Having three billboards is not enough for them - they want to build more and they consider the anger and offense of the people over their iniquity a good sign for their efforts.

As G.K. Chesterton famously noted, "When a man stops believing in God, he doesn't then believe in nothing, he believes anything."