Junior High school sweethearts who got divorced in 1965 found each other again after nearly 55 years apart and got remarried in 2020, reports reveal.

Dennis and Diane Reynolds, now 77, met each other at Sun Valley Junior High in Los Angeles when they were both 13 years old, God Updates wrote.

"That was actually the only class that we were in together, and we just got to know each other," Dennis recounted in an interview with People.

"He came from Oregon and he had a bit of an accent," his wife Diane added. "I thought that's kind of cute!"

Although they went on to attend different high schools, that didn't stop them from pursuing each other as their relationship became official when they were 15.

Dennis said that he would often take Diane to the movies where they would hold hands while watching the movie.

From there love flourished, and the two got married in November of 1961 -- only five months after finishing high school. They went on to have two children, Curtis and Keith, who were born in June 1962 and December 1963 respectively.

But shortly after, the couple were having troubles in their relationship and got divorced in 1965.

"We didn't have very much money, so we really couldn't do anything. There wasn't the fun that we have now or in high school," Diane explained. "We did a lot of drifting apart because he was gone a lot, working and going to school. He'd come home and I'd be all chatty Cathy... and he was tired and that wasn't his interest."

"There was just a breaking point," Dennis added. "Reality set in... There wasn't a hassle or a fight or anything. We needed to go our separate ways."

They later moved on to other people, whom they eventually divorced.

Dennis remarried twice, while Diane remarried to John and had four kids together.

The couple saw each other again after the tragic loss of their son Keith in 1989, and again in 2001 when their son Curtis also died.

"I wasn't recuperating very well, and I said, 'God, I'd like to have a relationship with somebody,'" Diane remembered. "And the next day, Dennis called me."

"I said, 'God, couldn't you have done a little better than that?'" Diane quips, sweetly adding that she now thinks God "did a good job."

Dennis added that he did have deep inset emotions about Diane since she is the mother of his children and they grew up together. He was curious about how she is doing, so he gave her a call.

A few phone calls after, their communication continued, and the two grew closer. But the idea of remarrying each other was not something they expected to do.

"We had really both been adamant [that] we're not ever going to get married again," recalls Diane. "We've had enough of all that."

But their love for each other grew stronger as they rekindled a strong flame first felt in their teenage years.

"He just really melted my heart," Diane says. "Call it fate, call it whatever you want, but we just feel like it was probably meant to be."

The couple, who have been living together since February 2020, went on to remarry each other in November 2020.

Dennis claimed that his feelings for Diane never really faded.

"I never stopped loving her," Dennis said.

The couple said that they are very excited about "every aspect" of their future together.

"We're just going to enjoy every minute," Diane added.