A California minister explains how the main challenge to American Christianity today is not men who identify as women and vice-versa, but "wolves" who call themselves Christians.

According to Mario Murillo, there are more false teachers and erroneous teaching nowadays than ever before. He defines them as "arrogant and heartless wolves the church has ever seen." Not only that, he said that this season has produced some of the most "gullible Christians" in history.

As proof, he pointed to preachers who claimed that they could visit heaven anytime they wanted, and who said that they saw T-Rexes that the children could mount. He also spoke of false prophets who charged money for daily prophetic words as if they're horoscopes, as well as Christians who divorced their first wives because they had discovered their "soul mate."

"How can Christians be so gullible now?" he asked. "With the evil that is being thrown at us every day-wouldn't you think that believers would be on red alert to spot deception? Wouldn't you imagine they would be digging into the Word of God, instead of chasing questionable emotional experiences?"

It made perfect sense to him, though, when he said that "Satan has sent this herd of wolves just at the right time, to devour and derail the Body of Christ from saving America."

"Transgenderism is dangerous but wolves in the church are even more dangerous," he went on. "That is why I say the chief threat to American Christianity is not men who identify as women, but wolves who identify as sheep."

He noted that when Jesus was questioned about the end of the world, he said, "Take heed that you are not deceived!"

Similarly, the apostle Paul warned the church about these "wolves" for three years with tears.


The Word of God teaches Christians to spot wolves masquerading as sheep. (Sarah Richter / Pixabay)
The Word of God teaches Christians to spot wolves masquerading as sheep. (Sarah Richter / Pixabay)

Spotting wolves in the church


Murillo then enumerated characteristics that would indicate a wolf in sheep's clothing, such as making improper financial demands, probing into people's relationships, and breaching personal privacy.

They're also well-known for warning believers that God will punish them if they leave their church or if they leave the authority of their leader, coming out of their control.

Although they are continually enthralled by the prospect of discussing mystical experiences and messages they have received from God, they will prevent anybody from assessing their claims using God's Word, the Bible.

They also attempt to isolate a believer from crucial relationships in his life, causing him to think that he is incapable of making life choices without the consent and approval of these phony Christian leaders and pastors.

Dealing with wolves in the church

There is, however, a means to deal with these "wolves," Murillo said.

"There is only one way to treat a wolf-run and do not look back," he said.

"Do not even bother to explain why. Then find a church that operates in the freedom of the Holy Spirit and that is based solidly on the Bible. One that builds up its members, rather than tearing them down."

This same minister, who saw a revival in California earlier this year, issued a severe warning to these "wolves" dressed as lambs.

"God hates your works. When you dare to touch the sheep of God, you make yourself His enemy," he said.