"Duck Dynasty" star Sadie Robertson Huff said that the youth is faced with a problem of determining the real truth.

In her message during the LO Sister Conference, captured by CBN News, Huff shared that the reason behind the issue is because everyone feels entitled to have his own truth.

"The truth is really loving but sometimes it's hard to say. As I was thinking about this I realized that's actually not really the problem in our generation. I think the hardest thing for our generation is actually knowing what truth is because everyone has their own truth right? Your truth is different than my truth and my truth can be different than your truth and I'm not offended by your truth because it doesn't have to be my truth. And it really is leading us down a really bad path."

"When we are so entitled to our opinion that we change it to our truth so that no one can tell me that it's wrong. And it's actually very confusing when we don't have a standard for truth. Because if nothing is true then now we're like well what even is love, confidence, and freedom because it can all be relative and it can all change and it doesn't even matter," she added.

Revisiting the account of Jesus before Pontius Pilate, the star reiterated that the Jews have chosen Barabbas over Christ, thus opted for something that was "worst" for their lives rather than one that is good but would make them uncomfortable.

Like Pilate who joined the majority in believing what they thought was "truth", Huff observed that the people nowadays also deem what is popular as such, without subjecting it to a deeper analysis or logical reason. Like the Jews who chose to crucify Jesus instead of the murderer, the generation today takes poor options even though those things are bad for them, such as getting drunk, looking at pornography or gossiping.

But she warned that these things impact people's lives in bigger ways.

She also tackled the difference of objective and subjective truths. With the former, a person will choose to change his bad habits, even though they feel so good, upon learning the truth of God in the Bible. But she said that the latter is dangerous when it comes to dealing with sin because it translates to refusal for change even though a person is already aware of the Word of God.

"When we start letting our feelings determine our truth, it is very scary and we make irrational decisions," she added.

The star pointed out that people should be equipped with the "belt of truth", as stated in Ephesians 6:14, for them to be able to stand firm in the day of evil.

She went on to say that if a person wants to be calm even in the midst of all the chaos in the world, he must remain in the Word of God.

Huff emphasized that not all truths will set a person free, only the truth that comes from Jesus Christ. Thus, she challenged the audience to choose the truth of God instead of listening to the lies of the enemy.