South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem spoke with CBN News on the Biden administration's unbiblical policies, NIAID director Dr. Anthony Fauci's lack of integrity, abortion, and the spiritual plight of America.

In describing how the Biden administration has been godless, the governor was reported as saying, "What they are doing and the actions they're taking, are not biblical."

"And I know they, they many times talk about being religious," Noem continued. "But I think that it's really time for all of us to look at the actions of our leaders and see if they line up with a word of God."

Furthermore, she emphasized how important the country's spiritual state is to the country's long-term existence.

"We've seen our society, our culture, degrade as we've removed God out of our lives, and people become what they spend their time doing," she observed.

"I really believe that focusing on those foundational biblical principles that teach us that every life has value every person has a purpose, will re-center our kids and help us really heal this division that we see taking over our country," she added.

On the issue of abortion

CBN News inquired of the governor about the possibility of a South Dakota legislation similar to Texas' heartbeat law. Her response was overwhelmingly positive.

"Well, we reached out immediately to those who drafted and worked on the Texas law and are consulting with them on how that bill would fit in our statute as well," she said. "So yes, I think it was a fantastic win for us."

Noem has also spoken out against telemedicine abortions, which she banned in her state. Women may reportedly undergo abortions without first visiting a doctor in person under the Biden administration's policy.

On Biden's vaccine mandate

Noem said that she is prepared to challenge the Biden administration's recent government vaccination requirement for workers in private enterprises.

"What President Biden is doing by these mandates coming down to businesses and employers that employ more than 100 people is unconstitutional," she explained. "The Constitution clearly states that there are limited powers for the federal government and that all other powers are delegated to the states."

When asked whether she believed Dr. Fauci should be removed from office, the governor replied, "Well, Fauci has done a grave disservice to this country. What he has done is discredited our health officials."

Continuing, she said, "He's been political. He's not been consistent. He has not followed the science. Therefore, his credibility is down to zero."

Following on from earlier reports, there has been an increase in strain on all sectors, especially those working on the front lines, such as those in the military and health services starting last year.

This sparked protests both locally and internationally. In the United States, frontline workers protested against forced vaccination in New York and Dallas. In France, medical experts, even those who are not anti-vaccine, marched in support of the protestors.

Now that governments are encroaching on private businesses, more protests are likely to follow, similar to what just transpired in Australia when construction workers fought with police during a demonstration over vaccine mandates.