One Christian food blogger is touching the lives of others through heartwarming recipes and reflections on her relationship with God. In a recent interview Kate Taliaferro shared just how she finds God in cooking and other ordinary house chores.

Taliaferro is an Air Force wife and mother of six who dedicates her life to serving God through ordinary house chores, including cooking and preparing meals for her family. According to the National Catholic Register, the Catholic food blogger was raised in Chicago and now resides with her family in Wichita, Kansas. She is the eldest of four children and attended a Catholic high school before majoring in religious studies at the University of Dayton. Her college experience solidified her faith in God, but it was her childhood that drew her to food and cooking.

Catholic Food Blogger Influenced By Her Heritage

Describing her family as a "Southside Italian family," Taliaferro recounted how her mom was a "good cook" and that she was raised with her grandmother. She recalled "quintessential big family meals" that her grandmother would bring into her home, sparking her interest in food and cooking. But the cooking was limited to special occasions, such as a Christmas activity of making rice balls for her whole extended family.

When Taliaferro started college, she realized she did not know how to cook, so she turned to her mother to share recipes and tips on how to cook. When the Catholic food blogger got married and had children, she realized she had to brush up on her cooking skills as she had to feed more people. Because her husband is in the Air Force, he had traveled a lot, which also influenced her cooking.

But it was in 2013 when Taliaferro began blogging to share her thoughts on where God is in life. She said, "I have all this theology background and I started writing monthly for Catholic Mom." Now, the Catholic food blogger maintains her Daily Graces website while writing for Diocesan.

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Catholic Food Blogger was Inspired by St. Frances of Rome

Taliaferro shared that St. Frances of Rome is the patron saint of her blog and that homemaker should "spend time before the altar." She believes that homemakers should also "spend time at home to honor and cherish daily tasks."

Earlier this year, Taliaferro pondered in the Catholic Mom how parents like her with busy home lives can "live in the present." Oftentimes, people, especially parents, are advised to "live int eh moment" and not dwell on the past or worry about the future. She called it "unrealistic," especially for busy moms. But then she thought about Focolare Movement founder Chiara Lubich's reflection, which urged people not to think about what God wants from them in the past or future and instead think about "what He wants from you in the present moment."

It was then Taliaferro that she was called to be a mother and a wife, and a woman and daughter of God. Because of this, she is also called to "spend time in [her] Father's presence" and "called to create in participation with God's creation."

Taliaferro wrote, "I am living in the present moment when I infuse these moments of motherhood with love, peace and patience...Letting God guide my present moment is allowing me to discover that balance in my daily life."

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