The kingdom of God is contained in the small things. Those who know the secret in the small things are the wise people. God has contained amazing potential in the small things. In a small seed, numerous fruits are contained. In a small seed, a big tree and a great forest are contained. No one other than God Himself knows the future of the little seed. We all began as a little seed. When we were conceived in our mother’s wombs, we were just a small seed. However, our current images were contained in the small seed.

God dreams as He gazes upon a small seed. Those who dream consider perspective as a very important matter. While gazing upon the same seed, some will just see it as a seed, but others will see the amazing future contained in the seed. When God sees a small apple seed, He sees the seed becoming an apple tree and providing abundance of apples as gifts to others every year. We accomplish what we dream of and possess what we imagine. God knows the power of dreaming.

The act of dreaming contains the power to create the future. We cannot change the past, but we could always create a new future. Dreaming is future-oriented. The reason I like dreaming is because dreaming helps me to leave the past behind. It is important to heal our past wounds but we must not remain in the past. The way to heal our past wounds fully is to move forward toward the future. Dreaming signifies new future, a more beautiful future, and a blessed future. Dreaming begins as a seed of a small thought. Because our thought is like a seed, it grows when we water it with meditation. Furthermore, when the meditation is repeated, we begin to imagine. When our meditation becomes deepened, then our imagination becomes even more concrete. Imagination is like drawing a picture. It doesn’t cost any money to exercise our imagination. But we need faith. We need faith to believe that what we are imagining can be accomplished.

The act of dreaming contains the power to set goals and put them into action. Dreaming begins with a small thought, but when we are constantly meditating on the dream, at some point, we begin to move in order to accomplish the dream. If we dream but don’t do anything about it, then the dream will just remain as a fantasy. In order for our dream to become reality, after dreaming we must set goals that can be accomplished and fulfill each goal toward the dream. What’s needed in the process is to break down the big goal into small goals and fulfill them one at a time. Even a big goal can be attainable when it is broken down into small goals. We have no need to be disconcerted over a big goal. When we break down the big goal into small goals, as we fulfill the small goals, we will accomplish the big goal before we know it.

A big dream cannot be accomplished in one night. Those who desire to accomplish their dream must be cautious with hastiness. At the same time, they must not be too lazy either. They need a proper balance. The proper balance can be attained when they give their best everyday in the small matters. When I first came to America, I began my journey in ministry as a teacher for kindergarteners. Afterward, I served in the various departments as I passed through Elementary, Youth, College, Young-Adult, and Adult ministries. Then I became a lead pastor who served the whole church. Whatever that was given to me, I gave my full effort to do my best and strive for excellence. Doing my best in the small matters had become a stepping stone for me to do great things.

Before placing Joseph as second in command over Egypt, God had raised him as a personal attendant for Potiphar at Potiphar’s house. The work as the second in command over Egypt and as a personal attendant for Potiphar was different in its size but similar in its nature. In addition, before Joseph became the second in command over Egypt, God allowed Joseph to find favor with the prison warden and raised him to be in charge of all the other prisoners. It was in the prison that Joseph met Pharaoh’s chief cup bearer and learn of Egypt’s politics. Joseph’s big dream was accomplished in the process of fulfilling small dreams. ‘Grass Flower’ is a poem that is written by Poet Tae-Joo Nah as he was observing a small grass flower. It’s a poem that I often quote because I like it.

“Its beauty can be found by gazing upon it.
It becomes lovely when gazing on it for a long time.
It’s the same for you.”

This short poem that was written after meditating deeply on a small grass flower has made him a national poet. You are never too old to dream a new dream. Choose to dream and dream big. The future belongs to those who dream. May you move forward toward a hopeful future together with God who dreams.

Joshua Choon Min Kang
(Photo : Courtesy of New Life Vision Church)

Reverend Joshua Choon-Min Kang is the senior pastor of New Life Vision Church, located in Los Angeles. This is one of the weekly letters he writes to his congregation. For the original, visit