When asked what they are most thankful for, most Americans will say that they are most thankful for family, according to a new study from LifeWay Research.

Six-in-ten Americans will say that they are most thankful for family, followed by health (13 percent) and personal freedom (9 percent).

Respondents were given ten options for their response to the question, “What are you thankful for?” The top responses included family (88 percent), health (77 percent), personal freedom (72 percent), friends (71 percent). Fewer were likely to say they are thankful for fun experiences (53), achievements (51), and wealth (32).

“The blessings that matter most are the ones money can’t buy,” said executive director of LifeWay Research Scott McConnell said in the report.

However, the study found that those with bachelors (45 percent) or graduate degrees (46 percent) or evangelical beliefs were more thankful for wealth than their counterparts, those who do not have a college degree (23 percent) and those who are non-evangelicals (31 percent).

Women are more likely to be thankful for family (91 percent), health (83 percent) and friends (75 percent) than their male counterparts who are less thankful for family (84 percent), health (71 percent), and friends (67 percent).

Those 65 and under are more thankful for family (92 percent) and health (86) than those under 25 who are thankful for fun experiences (70 percent) and achievements (61), though they are still thankful for family (77 percent). Those who are younger than 25 (14 percent) are also more likely to not give thanks than those 65 and older (5 percent).

When it comes to whom they give thanks, 63 percent of Americans say they give thanks to God. Others give thanks to family (57 percent), friends (31 percent), themselves (8 percent), or fate (4 percent).

Evangelicals (94 percent) are the most likely to say they thank God. More Protestants (90 percent) than Catholics (67) give thanks to God, while more Catholics (65 percent) give thanks to family than do Protestants (49 percent).