On a radio show dedicated to women's rights, campaigner Kellie-jay Kee, the Tory MP for Thurrock, stated that rather than advancing equality, the transgender movement was guilty of gender stereotyping. Now that transgenderism is normalized here in America, there have been issues with negative feelings towards young girls and their generation. 

According to Christian Post, the former health minister, Jackie Doyle-Price, has sounded the alarm over the influence of transgender lobby groups on young girls going through puberty. 

"It is so dangerous to encourage girls to think that they might not be women."

"And the fact this movement is encouraging them to think 'Well, you might not really be a girl' in childhood, I just think is so dangerous. And we just need to give children the chance to grow up."

Gender isn't a concept. Behavior, appearance, dress, and genitals "match" how you feel about yourself and how everyone around you treats you. 

"We seem to have developed a culture of organizations taking advice from respected lobby groups as gospel when actually, sitting behind that is an agenda," she said.

"It means that in schools, it's actually done with the best of intentions, but is actually potentially doing harm."

There have been no debates around transgender issues, and she also stated, the government needs to look at the influence of lobby groups. Addressing the Commons on International Women's Day in March, she said it "scares the hell out of me" that young girls are being given irreversible medical treatment. 

"The fact that so many of the girls who are going for such treatment also have issues with autism frightens me even more."

"We are seeing more and more girls being referred for gender reassignment treatment. We are talking about girls well below the age of majority."

Many young women going through puberty may question, "maybe I'm not a girl."

Some young girls might question, "why are there so many different ways to describe a person's gender?" The concept of the whole transgenderism is unhealthy for people's thoughts and feelings about their gender; though it can be complex.