The St. Louis Police Department is mourning the loss of Officer Tamarris L. Bohannon, who was killed in the line of duty last Saturday evening.  Bohannon, who had been responding to a distress call for a reported shooting victim, was shot in the head.  The gunman was finally detained after holding off police for an additional 12 hours, though his information was not released.

A beloved officer of four years, and father of three children, was mourned by the department as well as by many public officials.  The Mayor of St. Louis said this about Bohannon, "I am heartbroken over the line of duty death of Officer Tamarris L. Bohannon of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. I've had the privilege of spending some time with his family under these extraordinarily challenging circumstances... They're wonderful people and immensely proud of the way he selflessly served and protected our community with distinction and honor for more than three years."

The Governor of Missouri also expressed his condolences, tweeting out "Teresa and I are deeply saddened to hear of the loss of one of our @SLMPD Officers... An arrest has been made. Officers across Missouri protect us every day without hesitation and they and their families deserve our support. #BacktheBlue."

The death of Bohannon has also inspired an outcry on social media as well, especially amongst the BLM movement.  Journalist Miranda Devin posted a tweet saying "Officer Tamarris L. Bohannon was a father of three. His black life didn't matter to BLM-Antifa. They want all cops to suffer the same fate -ambushed and shot in the head. BLM is a terrorist outfit in league with Antifa. Stop funding their war on America."