Regarding the wildfire in California, many residents have lost their homes during sudden evacuation. California Pastor, from Santa Cruz, receives a phone call from the associate pastor in the morning stating the families who were forcefully evacuated from the fire, needed a place to stay. 

The Church provided a sleeping area with tents, blow-up mattresses, and beds in the sanctuary for the people who were unable to afford hotel rooms.  During the hopeless situation, The church located in Santa Cruz emptied out the sanctuary and sent out prayers to the family with loss. 

"God's Church stands ready to meet needs and change lives where people are suffering"

Santa Cruz Baptist Church stated they served as a hospital for invisible injuries, providing spiritual and emotional healing during a traumatic time, and as a hotel, they provided a temporary home of refuge.  

SendNetwork also started the Church provided breakfast and dinner as many local restaurants have provided meals and food as well. They have done their best to make their church look and feel welcoming. 

Many families have luckily found the church and were able to stay temporarily without any cost.  Nice enough, the church provided two extra portable showers in the backlot because there was only one shower available. 

Encouraging the residents that God is working through their sufferings, The Santa Cruz Church supported with love the best they can. According to the stories that were given, the people who stayed also remained for a Sunday Service gathering to thank God for the amazing space he has given them throughout the disaster. They state about 38 families were given a temporary residency at the Church.