Actor Jim Caviezel, known for portraying Jesus Christ in "The Passion of the Christ," is now starring in the Christian film, "Infidel" and is warning Christians to stand up and speak out.

"If we are ever going to war, we should go to war with secular extremists," the "Infidel" actor proclaimed on The Ben Shapiro Show. "That is a war that needs to be fought and be won now! Christians need to start speaking the truth."

Along with this, Caviezel expressed his frustration over the pandemic restrictions placed on church gatherings in a statement shared with Fox News, 

"We can't go to churches. We can't go into our church. Why? Because they could get contaminated, right? So why are we on airplanes?"

"I have had friends that have committed suicide. I have seven SEAL buddies that lost seven of their friends committing suicide. Would it have helped to get into a church especially during this time? Absolutely. And is it good for mental illness? Yes, it is," Caviezel argued that the pandemic restrictions on churches led to lives lost because vulnerable people did not have a place to depend on or to go to for mental refuge.

Caviezel warned Christians in an interview with Fox News, "If Christians don't watch out, it will be canceling Christianity as well."

In another interview with Breitbart News Daily, Caviezel warned of the negligence of Christians amidst times of persecution.

"You know, it's not going to be some communist or Nazi that takes away your freedoms. It's going to be you giving them away."

Gathering restrictions continue to be enforced but some churches have been defying state orders and suing the government from discriminating against places of worship.