David Hobbs, a former massive drug addict comes before God and recovers from his addiction. 

After breaking into the backyard shed of a former Marine, Hobbs was arrested in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Wearing costumes such as Captain America and fairy wings, his mugshots went viral and drew attention. Hobbs mentioned he already had several run-ins with the law and was on probation for a grand larceny conviction. Charged with burglary and held on a $25,000 bond, Hobbs also carried 4 DUIs. 

Christian Post reported that Hobbs is a new healthy man who doesn't recognize himself from a year ago. Hobbs told Christian Post, "I never thought I would get out of addiction. I thought it was going to be my life. But God has shown me I'm not just a society throw away. It is all worth it for all of us to strive to have a better life. If I can do it, anybody can do it." 

After being set free from his addictions, Hobbs' life has done a complete 180 turn around. Hobs has completely gone in the other direction as he decided to open an inpatient residential treatment facility to help others struggling as he did. Hobbs immediately started helping people who were unable to overcome their trials and constantly followed up with people who were just like him from before. One of the incidents, Lewis( This is the second time incident has been used when introducing a person, what are you trying to say here? Patient?), stated Hobbs made a remarkable comeback story and had strong leadership, purpose, and focus. 

Coming back as a hero, Hobbs drew much' attention and encouraged those who also struggled through an addiction. He told Christian Post he renewed his relationship with God and learned how to process his emotions and feelings, and overcome his battle with addiction. 

"God's timing is always perfect. I don't think good landing is just any rehab; it's a rehab where God's at the center of everything they do. That was the thing that really changed it for me. Putting God at the center of my heart and in the center of my life is really what kept me sober. That is what the enemy tells us. But we all deserve a good sober life and a good relationship with God. These are the things that I've been taught since I've been here at Good Landing." 

"It doesn't matter how far you have fallen, there's always a path of sobriety and redemption. You just have to be willing to get clean and have an open heart and mind to the people that are speaking into your life. Getting sober and changing your life is possible. You're never too far gone."