Nisreen, a 40-year-old former Muslim and now Christian convert in Syria shared her love for Christ. 

"The love of Christ was planted in me since I was little. I used to see how Christians' behavior is better than ours. I've always liked Christians and I used to say to my parents 'there is something connecting me and Christians.'"

Nisreen lives with her three girls and one boy in northern Syria in a Muslim-dominated city called Qamishli which is near ISIS targeted and attacked Christians. After getting married at the young age of 15, she asked her husband to take her to church. 

"I felt real comfort in a church. When my children got sick, I went to the church and prayed for them, they would get healed. I had faith in that."

Nisreen lived through 10 years of brutal war and converted from Islam to Christianity when Abu Farid, a volunteer of the Alliance Church in Qamishli approached Nisreen with the gospel. Nisreen visited the Alliance Church in Qamishli, an Open Doors partner church, to receive food for herself and her family who were in desperate need of food due to the many years of war in Syria.

But on that day, Nisreen returned home with food and a heart that accepted Jesus as her savior. Nisreen considers the events of this day a miracle.

"I told my husband with much joy how the Lord used Abu Farid. For two days I talked how the Lord did this miracle," Nisreen shared her excitement of that day. Nisreen's conversion was well accepted by her family and although her husband did not convert, her children converted to Christianity.

"Let the world see that I love the Lord Jesus. He said whoever is ashamed of Me I will be ashamed of him in front of My Father. So why would I be ashamed of Him? He is my refuge and the shelter of my children."