Conservative Authors Fighting Against Cancel Culture Now Have A New Publisher To Rely On

girl reading a book

The launch of a pro-free speech book publisher by two former publishing executives who will make their presses available to conservatives whose platforms have been canceled, is starting to attract attention.

WND reports that Louise Burke, the former president and publisher of Simon & Schuster's Gallery Books Group, and Kate Hartson, the editorial director of Hachette Book Group's Center Street imprint, teamed up to found All Seasons Press LLC, a conservative publishing house.

The company's launch coincides with allegations by some conservatives that a significant portion of the country's news media, publishers, and major social media platforms are censoring them. They want to find options that better promote freedom of expression.

On Tuesday, they told The Wall Street Journal that as the political climate in the United States has grown more divided, authors have increasingly had difficulty getting their works published by big publishing companies.

Burke, who is deeply concerned and somewhat indignant at the present state of free speech and freedom of the press, has also said that she is "concerned about the canceling of voices that traditionally were always allowed to publish and are meeting resistance from mainstream publishers, particularly former Trump administration members."

In the report by the Wall Street Journal, All Seasons Press has already committed to publish books by at least two officials who served in the administration of former President Donald Trump. To be completed by year's end, the new publishing house will publish books by former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and former White House trade adviser Peter Navarro.

"In a publishing world that has devolved into a Cancel Culture, Virtue Signaling cesspool, it is refreshing to see a new publishing house emerge willing to print books such as my forthcoming volume in the Fall that will speak truth to power," said Navarro to WSJ.

Rush Limbaugh's long time radio producer James Golden book as well as an unannounced fourth book will also be published in the falls, noted the WSJ.

Ms. Hartson, who is now the editor in chief of All Seasons Press, refused to reveal the title of the fourth book scheduled for publication in 2021, but she did say that the publisher will prioritize writers with big followings, usually those who appear on radio or television, as well as journalists and politicians.

For the next year, All Seasons hope to print 10 books.

The company, according to Ms. Burke, is fully funded, but she refused to disclose who the financial supporters are for their own protection from the cancel mob.

"I don't want people coming to their houses or bullying them on Twitter simply for supporting the First Amendment," she said to WSJ.

As a new printing press, All Seasons will compete against large publishing companies that have conservative-focused labels of their own, as well as with other independent publishers. Regnery and Republic Book Publishers, which was founded in the autumn of 2019 by Al Regnery, the former president and publisher of Regnery Publishing, and Eric Kampmann, the owner of Beaufort Books Inc., are among these companies. Post Hill Press LLC, a conservative publishing company with imprints spanning from pop culture to current affairs, is another indie competitor worth mentioning.

"There is competition," Burked acknowledged, "but there's room for another publisher, especially one that will be as independent as we are."