Conservative Pastor Explains Why Socialism Is A Harmful Worldview To Faith, Families, And Nations

people celebrating socialism/communism, an anti-God worldview

Noted pastor Dr. David Jeremiah spoke on the present political climate, including vaccine mandates, globalism, and the cancel culture.

One of the hosts of "American Thought Leaders," Jan Jekielek, sat down with Dr. David Jeremiah, the founder of Turning Point for God and senior pastor of the Shadow Mountain Community Church, for a Nov. 7 "Morning Brief" episode.

Citing a passage from Dr. Jeremiah's new book, "Where Do We Go From Here?" Jekielek enquired as to what he meant.

The paragraph states, "A deadly virus is quietly spreading throughout our nation, it is far more lethal than COVID-19, and most Americans are totally unaware of the threat that it poses to our freedom and way of life."

When Karl Marx was mentioned, Jekielek highlighted that what people currently refer to as "wokeism" and "cancel culture" both had substantial Marxist origins.

Dr. Jeremiah agreed and responded to the question of what he believes is the most critical piece of information that people should know but do not grasp.

"First of all, obviously since I am a pastor, many people are surprised to discover that socialism is anti-God," he said. "Socialists don't believe that there is no God, they're not atheists, they're anti-God."

"In fact, Karl Marx was not anti-God," Jeremiah continued. "He was a cheerleader for the devil, and even the people that were close to him felt like he was demon possessed. He came from a very dark place, and I wrote one place in the book, 'He was the hideous man and socialism became the full bloom of him as a person.'"

Jekielek was taken aback when he realized that parts of Marx's poetry paralleled Jeremiah's assertion.

"Well yeah," the preacher agreed. "He said in one place that he was born to God and now he knows he was chosen for hell. He considered himself totally beyond any hope of redemption, and so lived his life with a careless evil that is not produceable in most other people that I've read."

Marx's catchphrase was, "Wipe God out of heaven and the capitalists off the land." Jeremiah explained that this is Marx's two-pronged strategy.

Speaking at universities, Jeremiah said he found out that many students were fascinated by this philosophy. Also, the statistics in Jeremiah's book show that, among those aged 18 to 25, almost 60% believe socialism is acceptable or okay.

Jekielek pointed out that these young people are not necessarily anti-God in their sentiments. He asked Jeremiah as to whether or not he believed they really understood what they were advocating.

"No," said Jeremiah emphatically.

"And it is pretty profound when you say to a young person, you can't be a practicing Christian and a socialist because they're oil and water, they don't mix. How could you be an anti-God Christian? There's no such thing. And then sometimes they like to cite passages in the Bible, like in the Book of Acts where they all held things together, but that wasn't socialism, that was just a bunch of Christians sharing what they had during a tough time."

Jeremiah went on to state that the Bible does not support socialism, either in the Old or New Testaments. People who say it does, he said, simply haven't done their research.

"It's not true, because socialism is totally at the opposite end of the spectrum from what it means to be a God-fearing person," he said.

"There's no room for God in socialism. In fact, they believe the church is the opium of the masses, because if the church is in a person's life, it takes away from the loyalty that they demand from their adherence."

Socialism kills

Between 1917 and 1979, Jeremiah said that there is a "black book" of communists that chronicles the total number of persons murdered under socialism. Since the outbreak of World War I and World War II, the number of individuals killed has doubled.

In light of this, he believes that the death throes of socialism are beginning to be felt in various ways, including in the schools.

A Senate candidate, Jekielek recalled, had startled him by saying that schools should decide education and parents should not be involved in it.

"Well once again, the roots of that are in socialism," commented Jeremiah. "Because socialism wants control of the family, and they can't do what they want to do if they can't get the mothers out of the household and get control of what happens to the children."

"Their goal as a part of the whole manifesto is to get control of the children, and the nuclear family is an enemy to socialism because the strength of it doesn't allow socialism to do what it wants to do."

As for the larger picture, Jeremiah states that socialism operates through undermining people's fundamental values, such as those of their families, churches, and marriages.

"I wouldn't have known that before," he confessed. "But we need to have an awareness of this because it's deadly, it will destroy everything. And all you have to do is go to Cuba, go to Venezuela, see what's happened in China, wherever this ideology is at work, it's not good."