Doctor Warns Stillbirths Among Vaccinated Pregnant Women Rampant

pregnant mom proudly showing her healthy baby bump

A Canadian doctor by the name of Dr. Daniel Nagase is claiming that COVID vaccines are linked to an "alarming increase in stillbirths across Canada," a new report revealed. He reported that "doulas who work in women and children's hospitals in one of the birthing centers for Vancouver" saw as much as 13 stillbirths in just one day.

According to The Gateway Pundit, Dr. Nagase reported 86 stillbirths between January and July in Waterloo, Ontario. He pointed out how the "usual rate" is "about one stillbirth every two months" or "five or six stillbirths every year." He questioned as to why there would be up to 86 stillbirths in just six months, calling it "highly unusual."

He added that all mothers who had a stillbirth were fully vaccinated against COVID.

Dr. Nagase said that there must be a "correlation" between what was happening in Waterloo and Vancouver. The common denominator he sees is COVID vaccination. He added that taxpayer-funded hospitals must be held accountable for these stillbirths.

Dr. Nagase demanded that hospitals must release information on the statistics of stillbirths in the country, saying that through Freedom of Information Requests, the public will be able to see the true numbers of stillbirths that are linked to COVID vaccines.

He argued that because taxpayers fund the hospitals, it is the duty of the hospitals to disclose such information as "the actual rate of [intensive care unit] stays," which he alleged were often said to be "unvaccinated people" despite so many people going to the hospital following their second shot of the COVID vaccine.

"We deserve to know how many percent of the ICU is filled with people who are having side effects within one week of the injection," Dr. Nagase argued. "And then, if they are clogging the ICUs because they are getting a vaccine injury, but then they're being labeled as unvaccinated, that is an absolute lie."

At the end of November, Dr. Nagase was joined by Dr. Mel Bruchet and the two investigated the Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver to verify the claims made by doulas who spoke of the increased number of stillbirths among mothers who were fully vaccinated. According to Fox 26 Newshenry, Dr. Nagase filed an official complaint with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, "alleging conflicts of interest influencing their policies, decisions and statements made to the people of British Columbia."

In December 2020, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists released a report in which its president, Dr. Edward Morris, said, "A range of vaccines are routinely and safely offered during pregnancy but as specific clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines in pregnant women have not yet been carried out, there isn't sufficient evidence to recommend the routine use of COVID-19 vaccines to pregnant or breast feeding women."

Dr. Morris added, "Women planning a pregnancy within three months of receiving the first dose are also being advised not to have the vaccine, but this is precautionary advice until we have information from research studies in pregnancy."

Former Pfizer vice president Dr. Michael Yeadon also said earlier that pregnant women and child-bearing age women should avoid getting the COVID jabs because they're not proven safe despite the CDC's guidelines.

"You're being lied to," he said, referring to the government's talk about studies proving the jabs are safe for pregnant women.

"Our government is urging pregnant women, and women of childbearing age, to get vaccinated. And they're telling them they're safe. And that's a lie because those studies have simply not been done," he said.