Kevin Sorbo Talks About The New ‘Left Behind: Rise Of The Antichrist’ Movie

Kevin Sorbo

Kevin Sorbo, the director and star of the new film, "Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist," and his co-star, Greg Perrow, recently shared why they made the movie and what people can expect from the next chapter in this beloved saga.

"I've known about the 'Left Behind' books forever," Sorbo told Faithwire."There was no way that anything else was going to get in the way of me wanting to be a part of this."

Asked as to what prompted him to take on the part and direct the film, Sorbo said that he has known the book for a long time and is acquainted with Dallas Jenkins, the author's son and director of "The Chosen" film series.

People who work on the movie are reportedly filming in Canada right now.

As for being the director, he said that directing the movie is an added bonus, but he's truly grateful for the chance to play Rayford Steele (who was previously portrayed by Nicolas Cage), and at a time when the culture is so uncertain.

"I love movies like this. I love movies that have hope, redemption, laughter, and love, and things that we need more than ever in this world - in this crazy, divisive world we live in," Sorbo added. "And we're hoping a movie like this will be a positive impact on people around the world."

Perrow, on the other hand, was asked what, in his opinion, is the most compelling aspect of the "Left Behind" film. He plays fearless reporter Buck Williams, who, according to Faithwire was first portrayed by Kirk Cameron and then Chad Michael Murray.

He expressed his delight at being able to be a part of a business that served as an inspiration to his own family when he was growing up.

Ultimately, he hopes that the film will inspire viewers to dig further into the Bible, particularly when it comes to end-times prophesies.

"[I hope] it reaches more people than any faith-based movie has ever reached before in this history of mankind," he stated.

In the course of the production, Perrow claimed he found himself begging and pleading with the Lord, saying, "Lord, let this role speak to people."

Sorbo also provided some hints as to what spectators may anticipate from the movie, stating that the film would be "grittier" and that it may speak more profoundly to current themes than previous installments.

"I think it's a grittier feel to it. The world's a whole different place right now. ...," he said. "It feels like the rapture's just down the road right now. The Sodom and Gomorrah we're living in right now and it's unbelievable with the anger and the hatred and all this divisiveness that is out there."

Sorbo pointed out that, despite all of the "hatred and anger," there are still some bright spots to be found in our world.
"There's always a chance to go down a different road you know. I'm a big fan of the road less traveled by," he said.

Because of COVID constraints, including limitations governments placed on churched, "Left Behind" may be a fantastic tool for re-evangelizing individuals, especially those who have never been to church before.

"This is a movie that we could use to harvest," said Sorbo. "We're called the harvest right? And so this is a the perfect tool out there to get people to be involved because it's easy."