One Year Ago, Americans Were Happy Under Trump -- And The Left Did Not Like It

Donald Trump

A Gallup Reports survey revealed the generally high level of satisfaction among Americans in 2019, right before the coronavirus pandemic hit, allowing the Left to take advantage of the situation.

A lookback at a report by Gallup published in February 2020, just right before the coronavirus pandemic struck the country, revealed that Americans' satisfaction with their personal lives hit the highest in 40 years, with two out of three Americans believing they are "very satisfied."

The report revealed that 90% of Americans were happy and "satisfied with the way things are going in their personal life," seven points higher than the 88% recorded in 2003. Gallup's Mood of the Nation poll, which was conducted in January 2020, also revealed a 20-year high in Americans' confidence in the U.S. economy.

Interestingly, the report took into consideration household income, political party affiliation, and marital status to determine how Americans were happy at the time. According to the poll, "95% of Americans who live in high-income households, who identify as Republicans and who are married say they are satisfied with their personal life," with 75% among each of these groups admitting to be "very satisfied."

According to LifeSite News, this all-time-high satisfaction rate can be alluded to former President Donald Trump's presidency, which helped usher the country into a new era, away from an eight-year era under the Obama and Biden-led administration.

However, mainstream media would not heavily report on the accomplishments of the Trump administration. Trump was victim to the MSM's "mudslinging" and false reporting, LifeSite noted.

Despite that, Americans were happy during Trump's first term because he was able to strengthen national security and not just by building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. According to Politico, former President Trump's National Defense Strategy was in fact "one of the most important defense policy shifts of the last generation, reorienting the American military to confront rising and increasingly aggressive powers Russia and China."

Former President Trump shifted the military's focus from battling it out in the Middle East to anticipate "long-term strategic competition" with Russia and China and ensure that the military training, technology, and geography are all up to speed to anticipate conflict. Safety is indeed a primary concern for the average American citizen and the president was able to bolster security on a national level.

However, security came into question when the coronavirus pandemic broke out and the left-wing leaders took this advantage to create highly restrictive mandates and regulations that barred communities from gathering and prevented people of faith from participating in fellowship. Instead of encouraging unity to go back to a time when Americans were happy, the left decided to weaponize the pandemic.

Much to the Democrats' dismay, the decision of former President Trump to realign national security to focus on communist China was a vital move in keeping the country safe. The coronavirus originated from China and to this date, details about the actual origins of the deadly virus remain hidden from the global public.

The Gallup report highlighted another interesting fact that was drawn from the data: while the happiness and satisfaction came as confidence in the U.S. economy and their personal finances soared, a group of individuals expressed their dissatisfaction. Lower-income Americans, Democrats and those who are unmarried were the ones who expressed the most dissatisfaction.