Pro-Life Minister Lou Engle's Vision Of An Abortion-Free America Will Come to Pass, Prophetic Leader Says

Lou Engle ministering to a hungry crowd
Lou Engle ministering to a hungry crowd |

A woman in the prophetic ministry shared her dream about Lou Engle as well as God's decree for the end of abortion in America.

Charisma News featured Holly Watson's article where she shared that she dreamt of having a conversation with the Charismatic Christian leader. Watson is said to be a prophetic voice with a job to help the bride of Christ understand who she is in the end times.

"I woke up out of a dream early recently where I was sitting and having a kingdom conversation with Lou Engle," Watson saying. "As I interacted with Lou in this dream, I found our conversation swayed toward the topic of the generals in the faith and how the pouring into the Millennial generation has prepared a schooled remnant for the stretching of the end times."

Watson expressed gratitude to Engle for his passion and tenacity in training a generation for profound intercession, fasting, and concentrated prayer, and also remarked that Engle's persistent effort of protecting the unborn was something she was well aware of.

In her dream, she saw Engle spoke with a group of people who were carrying a building anointing and a forerunner's spirit. Watson noted how this group did not match the anointing that was on Engle's life, mandate, and assignment on this earth. Even so, a pro-life campaign in the schools might still get off the ground, she noted.

"While there were a few dedicated believers who were willing to pioneer a pro-life movement in the educational system, the liberal media challenged what the Spirit of God has intended by playing checkmate with the enemies' schemes," she said.

God, likewise, spoke in her dream. Watson summarized God's statements as follows.

"The Spirit of God spoke this to me:

'I am calling for a rising up of record-breakers who will run with the vision of pioneering an anti-abortion move of My Spirit in the world's education systems. I am calling all builders to build upon the foundation of My Word for shifting what is now called abortion clinics and into sanctuaries of life for the unborn. A passing of the mantle of intercession for My end-time remnant is arising at this hour. The voice of one crying in the darkness of these last days will be that of My chosen who are prepared, ready and willing to face the spirit of Molech operating deceitfully in the land (Lev. 18:21).'"

"In the days ahead, you will hear the voices of My children proclaiming the celebration of an overturning rule for abortion and the sanctity of life. No more will you hear the voices of My children calling injustice from the grave. But you will instead hear the cries of the newborn blaring the sound of victory in your ears. Keep watch from state to state and from coast to coast where the turning of hearts will precipitate the saving of many lives. A building anointing for men donning a cap and gown from elite universities around the world is canceling out the stealing of life and erecting houses of refuge for all to behold."

As previously reported, if the Mississippi legislation is upheld, it may set a precedent for other states to ban abortion even earlier in pregnancy, perhaps overturning a long-standing federal rule dating back more than 50 years.

In fact, as recently as Thursday, USA Today reported that at least 26 states are considering anti-abortion legislation.

Engle and abortion in the past years

According to a report from Lifesite News, a group of 4,000 women gathered in 2012 to repent for the abortions performed in the United States.

"The shed blood of innocent children now demands a day of reckoning," Engle reportedly remarked at the event.

As a consequence of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, which resulted in millions of infants being killed and many people being injured or left traumatized, the ladies were believed to symbolize 39 years of widespread abortion.

During a POTUS Shield rally in Ohio in 2017, Engle prayed for God to "sweep away" Supreme Court justices and federal judges who supported Roe v. Wade to be removed from office, the Right Wing Watch reported.