Trump 'Best Thing' That Happened For Christian Churches In America Next To Jesus, Author Says

Trump lifts bible to crowd.

Author and speaker Rachel Hamm called former President Donald Trump to be the "best thing" that happened to Christian churches in America next to Jesus, in response to an article written to paint what he stood for in a bad light.

Christian Headlines reported Hamm appeared on "American Agenda," a Newsmax show which discussed a Vox article written by Trump critic and conservative writer David French where he argued that Trump's presidency is a "catastrophe for American Christianity."

French wrote in his column:

"A significant segment of the Christian public has fallen for conspiracy theories, has mixed nationalism with the Christian gospel, has substituted a bizarre mysticism for reason and evidence, and rages in fear and anger against their political opponents - all in the name of preserving Donald Trump's power."

French wrote his article on Trump's presidency and its perceived ill effects to Christian churches in the U.S. before the attack on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6.

The rest of the column revealed how French sees many evangelicals who have "politicized their faith" by getting into politics with the help of conservative media like Fox News and even talk radio.

Hamm sparked a heated debate in social media about politics and theology when she called President Trump as the next "best thing" that happened to churches and believers in the United States "since maybe Jesus."

According to Hamm, French's article was "ridiculous"

To quote Hamm, "President Trump was the best thing to happen to the Christian church in America since maybe Jesus."

As president of the United States, Trump has championed several causes that are considered a victory for Christian churches including his policies to promote the sanctity of life and religious freedom to name a few. Trump's constant support of laws and policies that align to Christian beliefs have made Christians all across the U.S. enjoy religious freedom compared to Christians in other nations who suffer from persecution because of their faith.

The author and speaker then added that French "is not in touch with what the evangelical church thinks at all."

"We ask God things and He tells us things," Hamm said. "In fact, in the Bible it says, 'I am the Good Shepherd and my sheep know My voice. They listen to me. I speak to them.' And God has spoken to us. He's spoken to us very clearly. ... Donald J. Trump is who He anointed to be president, and he anointed him to be president for two terms."

However, Hamm was interrupted by Newsmax host Heather Childers when she mentioned that the "duly elected president" in the recent election was Trump. The host then mentioned that "we'll see what happens as we move towards 2024 and if he runs again."

As of writing time, the tweet containing the video of Hamm's appearance on Newsmax drew over 324,500 views and over 1,200 comments sparking a much heated debate on the social platform. Many of the comments also threw hate at Hamm, Trump, and even Christians.

While French's column called Trump's presidency as a catastrophe for Christian churches, more than half of Christian pastors in the U.S. have supported Trump during the election.

Even after the election, well-known leaders of Christian and evangelical congregations have shown their support of Trump as he fought the battle against the alleged election fraud caused mainly by the Dominion Voting Systems.