Trump Is ‘Still President’ And Can Be In Office ‘For Three Terms’ If Prophets Say So With Authority, Pastor Says

Former President Donald J. Trump

Apostle Robin D. Bullock, founder of Alabama's Youth Force Ministries Church International and host of The Eleventh Hour, said that Trump is still "the rightful" President of the United States and that prophetic voices would only need to call him back to office for three more terms.

In his teaching about prophetic authority at a Tuesday church service, Bullock urged his audience to exercise that authority on the government.

"We've got to come up now to another level and start speaking with authority. Not just declaring, speaking with authority," Christian Headlines quoted him saying. "And the Lord is going to give you words to warn people and speak to people in high-ranking positions. Whether you think they're listening or not, they're listening."

Bullock then directed the exercise of this "prophetical authority" over the present political climate of the United States where people are divided over which leader to follow.

"The stage is set," Bullock said. "Everything has been set. But you're going to have to pray for the rightful president, whether he wants to walk back into this or not. You must pray that he wants to do it, because God won't make him do anything. Is it his will? Yes. Is he the president? Yes. That's why he could just walk right back in, and God will supernaturally move things out of the way."

The "rightful president," according to Bullock, is none other than Donald J. Trump.

"Even now the rightful president, Donald J. Trump, will hold a rally, and you can tell he's still the president," Bullock said.

Setting King David as an example, Bullock told his audience to pray for their faith to rise in their prayer declaration for the reinstatement of Trump.

"No matter what happens, he's the president, and he's supposed to walk back in that office. So call him back. Call him back. Call him back." Bullock continued and added, "Once he (Trump) knows the prophets are calling, he'll come."

At the end of the clip released by Right Wing Watch from Bullock's video sermon, Bullock is seen encouraging his audience to start publicly talking about Trump like he's still the President.

"I know they will say, 'Really? Why would you say that in public?' Because he is!" Bullock exclaimed followed by a mini sermon on the "Elisha anointing" to counter the enemy's double release of chaos.

"Don't mess with us, Satan. Don't mess with us, corrupt political regimes. Don't mess with God's people like that, because I'm going to tell you something: If you mess with us, we'll call him back for three terms. Don't mess with us," Bullock declared and concluded, "You've never seen the power of God in action before."

Apostle Robin D. Bullock was among the Christian leaders who prophesied a 2nd term for Donald Trump. The 2020 election, however, did not materialize their expectations. Some of these leaders, like Jeremiah Johnson, recanted their prophecies because they thought they were wrong. Nonetheless, Bullock and other evangelical supporters of Trump still hold on to the prophecy of him returning to office and that the rigged election would soon be exposed.