The organizers of Saturday's Million MAGA March in Washington, D.C. considered the event "a success" despite attacks from far-left activist groups who showed up to make a counter-protest against Trump.

The Twitter account of Million MAGA March said the peaceful protest accomplished its purpose and thanked everyone who participated in the event.

"The Million MAGA March was a success. Thank you to everyone who came out. Our fight has only just begun," the tweet said.

The organizers of the event expected only around 10,000 people to come to the rally, but a lot more showed up. Participants came from different parts of the country, including Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, Maryland, Florida, and Georgia, filling the Freedom Plaza and the streets near it.

The protesters attended the rally to show support for Pres. Donald Trump and to echo the call for investigations on election fraud. They held signs in support of Trump and chanted "Four more years!" They were mostly peaceful, according to Fox News.

The president made a drive-by during the rally. He greeted the crowds and gave them a thumbs up.

In the later part of the day, radical left counter-protesters began attacking the Trump supporters, stealing and burning their signs, banners, and hats and throwing eggs at the MAGA rally participants. The counter-protesters carried Antifa and Black Lives Matter slogans.

The anti-Trump demonstrators threw eggs at the peaceful protesters and burned multiple flags, according to USA9. They were also caught on video shouting at families, sucker punching people, and harassing an elderly woman.

The Antifa group, with a hot-pink banner bearing the words "Punch MAGA in the face," also tried to attack the Pro-Trump rallyists who converged in front of the Supreme Court. However, they were outnumbered, and they ended up hiding behind riot police officers who went to the scene to administer law and order, the New York Post reported.

Some of the anarchists were seen throwing fireworks and bottles at the Trump supporters who were eating in a restaurant blocks away from the White House. One pro-Trump supporter, after fireworks went off beside him, threw a chair at the counter-protesters.

As the Million MAGA March came to an end, the clash between the pro-Trump supporters and the anarchists became violent in some places. A man in his 20s was stabbed multiple times during a clash that happened around 8:30 pm, but the D.C. fire department could not determine who stabbed the victim.

The police arrested 20 people, most of whom were from the radical left militants. They faced charges like simple assault, assaulting police officers, and weapons violations.

President Trump, via his Twitter account, expressed his intense disapproval over the actions of the Antifa and accused Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser for "not doing her job."

Despite the violence that happened during the rally, Trump supporters said they would "protest at all our state capitals" to push for "an open and honest audit of this corrupt election." Echoing Pres. Trump's words, they vowed they would not allow the election to be stolen from them.