Pastor John Hagee recently recovered from COVID-19 and went on to testify that Jesus Christ is the real vaccine.

On Sunday, Pastor John Hagee joined and preached in his church, the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio Texas after his successful breakthrough from his battle against the novel coronavirus. The senior pastor credits his recovery to the Lord, saying Jesus Christ is the COVID-19 vaccine.

Pastor Hagee was not able to preach to his congregation for three weeks after he tested positive for coronavirus in October. He then acquired double pneumonia and had to be isolated for some time.

According to Matt Hagee, the Cornerstone lead pastor and the COVID-19 surviving pastor's son, the virus was discovered at a very early stage. His medical team immediately put him under watchful care after detection.

Hagee spent 15 days in the hospital fighting against the disease until the doctors finally discharged him after he was declared COVID-free. Matt described his father's present condition as "well enough to be frustrated with everybody in white coat and stethoscope."

During his battle, the End Times pastor appealed to his congregation to pray for his speedy recovery. In a message sent through his son, Hagee said he covets the prayer of the church not only for his upturn but because he looked forward to seeing everyone in Cornerstone very soon.

Matt urged the whole church to pause and pray not only for his father but for everyone suffering from the coronavirus infection.

Sitting together with his son and in front of his huge congregation as he came back on Sunday, he testified how he made it past the 15 days in the hospital battling against the illness that claimed thousands of lives.

 "I'm sitting in this chair today as a testimonial to the healing power of Jesus Christ," said Pastor Hagee. "We have a vaccine, the name is Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God," he added, according to the Christian Post.

Cornerstone Church is one among the many churches in the US to oppose the government's rule restricting churches, schools, gyms, and other establishments from reopening to lower the risk of the COVID 19 spread. During the early stage of the lockdown, Hagee dubbed the pandemic "a dress rehearsal for the New World Order."

In a sermon he released during the first quarter of 2020 through the ministry's official page, he warned the public that if they do not know Jesus is the Lord and Savior, they will see another wave of the pandemic, far worse than the COVID-19.  He reminded everyone how coronavirus changed America forever and how the world is being structured into a form where God is hidden.

In July, the Cornerstone Christian Schools, and institutions owned and run by the church, together with the parents of the students filed a lawsuit against the Bexar County and San Antonio government. The plaintiff declared that the restricting policy restricting the in-person instruction due to the risk of COVID 19 infection infringes the religious freedom given to private religious schools.

A part of his comeback on Sunday, Hagee prayed to God for America. He asked the Lord to sweep through the country and heal the righteous who dare ask for it. He also uttered a prayer for church members' quick recovery as he stood as a living testimony of the healing power of the Lord.