Mainstream media helped China's global misinformation campaign stated Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in an interview over the weekend at the Mark Levin Show, a report says.

According to One America News Network, Pompeo has condemned mainstream media for not sufficiently reporting on China's various abuses of international law amidst the growth of public awareness on their danger.

According to OANN, Pompeo stressed in his interview President Donald "Trump's administration successes in helping Americans come to realize the effect of China's disregard for international trade norms, as well as, its espionage of other nations".

"I think the public has become deeply aware of all the risks of the Chinese Communist Party, presents the direct result of the good work that the President's done along with the team he assembled," Pompeo told Levin.

"Some of them lost their jobs to Chinese companies who stole their software, their intellectual property. Some of them see it in their schools. They see these Chinese students that are acting in ways that are deeply inconsistent with somebody who's coming in to study," he added.

Pompeo, as per OANN, lamented that the awareness of the danger posed by China "has come inspite of mainstream media" not "assisting in bringing knowledge of Beijing's abuses to the public" since mainstream media "have consistently downplayed them" out of their "unwillingness to document China's numerous transgressions has come hand in hand with large profits earned from bending to the will of the Chinese Communist Party at the expense of Americas welfare."

"In many cases, you see American media is beholden to the Chinese Communist Party. Big media empires have operations right--there's 1.4 billion people in China, they wanna serve that market so they want to sell their movies, or their streaming products there. So they often bend the knee, kowtow to them," Pompeo said.

"It's unfortunate," Pompeo continued. "So that means there's news organizations oftentimes too are reluctant to cover these transgressions from China. Worse, Mark, sometimes they actually mouth Chinese propaganda. That's the worst of it all."

Hans Hubbard, who reported in behalf of OANN, said that Pompeo also highlighted the mainstream media's failure to accurately report news detrimental to Beijing's image, which "has also had harmful effects on holding the country accountable over its mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic."

Hubbard said Pompeo noted "the lack of transparent reporting on this issue may have helped Beijing more easily block the launch of an international investigation into the early stages of the outbreak when the CCP reportedly silenced multiple medical experts and whistleblowers putting the public image of the regime ahead of the lives now lost across the world to the virus."

He also said that Pompeo stressed on the lack of "accurate reporting on these issues" such that "the ability of Americans to make prudent, informed decisions on how best to shield themselves from Beijing's disruptive acts and assaults on worldwide security and freedom is severely compromised."

"This is disinformation and when our media picks that up, when our media refuses to report on the fact that even to this day, Mark, the Chinese Communist Party hasn't allowed an investigation into where this began inside of Wuhan. That's so telling," Pompeo raised in the said interview.

To which he quickly added, "I saw CNBC today when they said, 'Oh my goodness! It looks as though the Chinese may have lied!' as if this was breaking news. It is stunning to see a major media to behave that way and unfortunately it deceives the American people and doesn't give them information that's important to them to protect their liberty and their freedom."