An apologist clarifies the debate on whether or not Jesus was a leftist or not.

In his latest post from The Christian Post, exclusive columnist and apologetic Robin Schumacher clarified whether Jesus was a leftist or not.

Schumacher admits that while he enjoys talking about politics as much as he enjoys "licking an ashtray," he cannot pass the opportunity of engaging through words when someone calls Jesus a "leftist" naming Him further as a "rebel, a fighter for the common person, and someone who bucked the system."

Schumacher calls this comparison of Christ as "nuts" and explained why Christ is the farthest thing from being a leftist, even quoting the prophetic Scripture in Ecclesiastes 10:2 that says: "The foolish person's heart directs him toward the left."

Jesus honored God

There is without a doubt that when Christ walked the earth, He embodied honor, fear and reverence of God. He put God first in everything in His life whereas leftists, even in history as far back as Jesus' time, oppose the will of God by doing what only pleases them.

Jesus held God's Word in high regard

According to the Bible, God's Word in the Scriptures is truth (John 17:17), supreme (Matt. 15:6), imperishable (Matt. 24:35) and has divine authority (Matt. 4:1-10).

Time and again, leftists mocked the Word of God or only used it for their own gain. Leftists also have a tendency to break God's Word (John 10:35) and even call the Bible "nonsense" unless it can be used to make them look innocent or twist the Word according to what they desire to achieve.

Jesus embraced and lived according to the truth of God's Word

A half-truth is still a lie and Jesus is grace and truth personified (John 1:14). Jesus would be a stark contrast to who practice the philosophy of post-truth which adheres to irrelevant details when the truth comes to them.

Jesus always insisted on peace.

Jesus never directed any of His followers to follow the path of violence. Instead, He called the peacemakers to be the sons of God (Matt. 5:9).

In history, leftist groups have always left violence in their trail with the most recent riot in Capitol Hill as an example: evidence proves leftists from antifa, BLM and other like groups were there to cause chaos.

Jesus loved and forgave His enemies

Jesus told Peter to forgive his brother 490 times (Matt. 18:21-22). But it's not about literally counting how many times people should forgive somebody. It only mirrors Christ's great love for the lost and those who sin against God.

Compared to a forgiving God who forgets a person's sin with true repentance, the left never forgets a perceived infraction even if years have passed.

Leftists would demand everything from a job, reputation, business, a public apology, etc. for the sake of their perceived hurt and hate.

Jesus was without guilt

Despite all the accusations against Him, Jesus proved Himself "blameless" and without guilt (Luke 23:4) because He practiced what He preached.

On the other hand, M. Scott Peck describes leftists as a "people of the lie" saying:

"The words 'image', 'appearance', and 'outwardly' are crucial to understanding [their] morality.... While they seem to lack any motivation to be good, they intensely desire to appear good. Their 'goodness' is on a level of pretense. It is, in effect, a lie. This is why they are the 'people of the lie'."

Jesus did not desire power for Himself

Though He was God in the form of a man, Jesus did not consider Himself equal with God and taught the disciples to serve to be great (Matt 23:11).

The left also "serve" but for the purpose of gaining power for their own. They also want to be served by others to establish their authority over people who they consider as lowly. Over the years, many sad examples of campaigns were made to further the leftists' gain and power like the French Revolution.

To say that Jesus can be considered a leftist for being a rebel against the hypocrisy of the Pharisees during His time holds no truth at all. Instead, the way Christ lived here on earth teaches people how to live according to the truth of God's Word and not to live superficially with 'surface' goodness or 'cosmetic changes' that will only wear off over time.