The winner of an American reality singing competition has released his first Christian single, seeking to glorify and "return" his gift to God.

Jordan Smith, the champion of "The Voice" Season 9 and the show's highest-selling artist of all time, has signed a deal with Provident Label Group/Sony Music and released his first single, the gospel song "Great You Are."

Smith has co-written the song with Jeff Sojka and Matt Armstrong. Inspired by Scripture, the lyrics declare that "rocks will cry out" to praise Jesus if people would not.

Speaking to The Christian Post, the singer said that the song is special for him, articulating his desire to give God back the honor and glory.

"The song itself just says, 'Everything I am I lay it down here at your feet, and I'm returning this to you,'" he said.

"It's really special for me to be able to have the moment to return my gift to the Lord and to point the glory back to Him. We are all just that; we're just reflections of God's love to the world," he added.

Smith wrote the song before the pandemic.

He said that the pandemic has caused him anxiety, feeling out of control. But he also realized that in all the circumstances in life, whether failure or success, everything "fits into God's plan" and in His hands.

He then pointed that amidst all that have happened, God remains faithful, constant and loves unconditionally.

"It's important to stop and remind ourselves of just how good He is and how faithful He is in our lives. Whenever we lay down all of those heartbreaks, all of those trials, all of those, even blessings, down to Him, it's just refreshing," he continued.

The singer revealed that his mainstream success has caused him to rely more on God, leaning much on the Lord because left to himself, he said that he did not know how to handle success, as well as the attention that came with it, opportunity and platform. It has also enhanced his prayer life.

Today, he has learned that he just have to walk in God's favor and blessing, knowing that He only wants good things for him. Moreover, he has learned not to worry because God is in control.

He also plans to release a full-length Christian album.

Smith told the American Songwriter that his purpose is to sing so that people would experience God.

"I was created for people to hear my songs and feel something, feel encouraged, feel uplifted, feel understood," he said.

In addition, the singer disclosed to the CCM Magazine that "Great You Are" is everything he wanted to do.

"I want people to experience the Holy Spirit...I want them to feel God's love and His acceptance through my music...My lifelong dream is to be able to make music for the church and to just experience heaven with people," he stated.

Smith is from Harlan, Kentucky. He rose to fame when he was declared as the winner of "The Voice" in 2015. He was also the show's biggest seller, launching eight songs to the Top 10 of iTunes.