Catholic Priest Arrested Simply For Praying Against Abortion

Fr. Fidelis Moscinski arrested by Ohio police
Fr. Fidelis Moscinski arrested by Ohio police |

A Catholic priest was arrested over the weekend for simply praying against abortion in an abortion clinic in Ohio.

The Catholic Theology posted on Saturday, June 5, that Fr. Fidelis Moscinski, CFR was arrested by police for praying against abortion. The photos showed that the Franciscan priest was dragged out of a building with the address 2127 State Road in handcuffs while on his knees and brought to the parking lot by two policemen who stopped at a Cuyahoga Falls Police 911 car. The police assisted the priest who was on his knees in his gray cassock get up and get into the car while still in handcuffs behind his back.

The Red Rose Rescue, a pro-life movement Moscinski is engaged in, posted on Facebook on Friday that their mission in the Ohio abortion clinic Northeast Ohio Women's Center at 2127 State Road was successful although the priest and three other "rescuers" of the unborn were arrested. The post included photos of the facility and members of their group holding signages to discourage pregnant women coming in the facility from having an abortion.

"Red Rose Rescue mission today in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Many mothers were reached with compassion and love inside the killing center. An number (sic) of cars left. Thank God!" Red Rose said.

"Sadly, four unjust arrests of peaceful rescuers: three young ladies and Fr. Fidelis, CFR," Red Rose added. "Please pray for their immediate release. Pray especially for those threatened with the lethal violence and exploitation of abortion, and those committing these heinous crimes against humanity."

Moscinski, as per LifeSite, is accustomed to being arrested from various abortion centers due to his advocacy of "witnessing" for the unborn as part of the Red Rose Rescue.

According to the Akron Beacon Journal, the 51-year-old Moscinski and his three companions were arrested for refusing to leave the abortion facility. The police were then called by the facility and likewise asked them to leave or they will be arrested on account of "criminal trespassing," which is a misdemeanor subject to one month's imprisonment. Moscinski and companions were then arrested and taken to the Stow Municipal Court for arraignment.

"The individuals stated that they were not going to leave and were willing to be arrested," the Akron Beacon Journal quoted the Cuyahoga Falls Police Department from a released statement.

Red Rose Rescue is a known pro-life group who actually go to abortion clinics and hold protests outside while enticing those who have come in to change their decision from having an abortion.

Meanwhile, 3News reported that Moscinski and his companions--a 56-year-old Laura Giles from Pennsylvania, an 18-year-old Audrey Whipple from Michigan, and a 62-year-old Clara McDonald from New York--falsified their identity to be able to get inside the clinic to give those waiting for their abortion procedure some red roses and cards with pro-life messages on it.

The protesters were also said to have blocked people from coming in forcing the facility owner and director to call the police. A $500 fine was also imposed against the group in addition to the imprisonment.

"These people are known to do this all over the country. We continue to provide legal reproductive health to people who seek out our care," the unnamed owner and director of the facility told 3News in an interview.

Red Rose rebutted the said allegations from 3News' report as "false" in their Facebook post on Friday. The post included a link to the said report.

"A news report from the local Ohio news. It's quite objective and fair. Although we strongly object to the false allegations made by the money grubbing abortionists. We did not block anyone or prevent anyone from entering the killing facility. We merely offer life giving, healthy, affirmative, loving, sustainable aid, and nonviolent options," Red Rose sternly stated.