Devout Christian Man Speaks Out After Being Unjustly Detained For His Presence At The Capitol On Jan. 6

Shane Jenkins
Shane Jenkins is a devoted Christian who is unjustly detained at the DC Gitmo for simply being there at the Capitol on Jan. 6 this year. |

A man detained in a Washington DC "Gitmo" jail for nine months has finally spoken on his unjust experience ever since he was arrested in line with the January 6 United States Capitol riot.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Shane Jenkins released a statement on his experience that conveyed a compelling tale on the American dream. Jenkins was charged with assaulting officers when he was at the west terrace entrance of the Capitol last January 6. The entrance is near the area where Roseanne Boyland died while being saved by protesters.

Despite being detained since March, Jenkins pointed out that there was no specific officer identified by the government for his charge. Jenkin's detainment is unjust since he is held without bond before his trial.

Authorities have been previously reported to detain January 6 protesters in prison under conditions that are against basic human rights, with dozens detained prior to their trial. United States District Judge Royce Lamberth even ruled against the District of Columbia's police for intentionally mistreating former President Donald Trump's supporters while holding them in jail such as prohibiting medical treatment when warranted. This "hateful treatment" was attested to in September by 34-year-old Jonathan Gennaro Mellis who was arrested on February 16 and even experienced solitary confinement.

Jenkins, who is said to be known for his big heart, is affiliated with the Houston-based Christ's Hope and Reconciliation Ministry (CHARM) where he helps "shepherd men from difficult circumstances" through the word of God.

Shane's Story - Short Version from CHARM Prison Ministry on Vimeo.

In his statement, Jenkins revealed how he came to be part of the U.S. Capitol riot after hearing of the Stop The Steal Rally. Jenkins said he was "clear" to him that "something happened that was not right" after watching the election night. The November 2020 elections was his first after being imprisoned in 2018.

He raised that becoming a follower of Christ made him realize he "lined up with conservative values" and "witnessed" the events that took place after the elections that he became convicted "there was massive election fraud." He then decided to join the rally even though he has never been to DC.

"I was all in and booked my trip. I had no idea what to expect so I joined Texans For Trump to see what was going on in DC. They were warning that there was Antifa and BLM counter protesters expected to do harm to Trump supporters. They said, 'This is a revival, not a revolution.' They also said it was advisable to stay in groups and to protect ourselves," Jenkins disclosed.

Jenkins narrated what took place on that fateful day that began for him as early as 5:30 a.m. He said he bought some food at Starbucks where he learned the "Capitol had been stormed" so he headed to the west terrace and witnessed a heartbreaking event.

"I made my way to the west terrace and what I saw broke my heart. I witnessed women and elderly being beaten and brutally savaged. I saw people bleeding and I saw a woman being beaten on the ground while she was unconscious or potentially dead. I found out later that woman had died," Jenkins recounted.

"I personally was beaten, tear gassed, and pepper sprayed," he added.

Jenkins went on to say that he also witnessed civilians being mistreated by the police despite being "non aggressive." He also saw "unconscious people" being dragged from the police. The scene so moved his big heart that he decided to lend the "helpless" people a hand.

"I watched another woman be targeted by a Lt of the MPD and be beaten repeatedly with a baton while she was helpless and non aggressive and prone. These are American citizens. This is the Peoples House. So I decided to face the wind and the rain like the bison and head 'Into The Storm'-not to harm but to help those who were helpless," Jenkins ended.

Accordingly, "Into The Storm" pertained to the message printed on a hat he got from David Tricket of CHARM months prior to the Capitol riot. He saw it as a prophetic message for him for that day.


The Federal Bureau of Investigation previously cleared President Donald Trump and his supporters of any involvement in the planning of the Capitol riot. Furthermore, several reports indicate that leftists such as Antifa and others, including the FBI, were the ones involved in the riot. Attacking, then arresting Trump supporters for something they did not plan for and did not do, and not setting an official date for a trial, simply indicates that their arrest and detention are unjust from the start.

Readers are urged to pray for Shane Jenkins and others who have been unjustly and illegally detained for being present at the Capitol on Jan. 6. Those who are able to and want to support Jenkins financially for his needs and legal fees can donate via a GiveSendGo fundraiser created for the purpose.