Tim And Demi Tebow Talks About Marriage And Chastity With Willie And Korie Robertson

The Tebows and the Robertsons
The Tebows and the Robertsons during a recent episode of "At Home with the Robertsons." |

The Tebow couple shared their views on marriage and purity with Willie and Korie Robertson.

In the recent episode of "At Home With The Robertsons," the program guested the newlywed couple, Tim and Demi-Leigh Tebow. Willie and Korie Robertson's daughter, Bella, and her fiancé Jacob Mayo also joined the conversation.

The Robertsons revealed that their daughter's plan of getting married, at a tender age of 18, is being criticized on social media and they were hoping that the young couple could glean some wisdom from Tim, whom Willie said is a man "on the spotlight" but is "faithful to the Lord."

The show disclosed that Tim's parents were praying for a son to become a preacher and he was actually named after Timothy in the Bible.

Tim and Demi shared that they only dated for eight months before getting engaged.

They encouraged Bella and Jacob to attend marriage counseling before their wedding. Demi noted that it is very helpful. Tim stated that by learning from the experiences of pastors and mentors, the couple could gain wisdom and wise counsel.

Bella then clarified people's opinions on the first year of marriage, since some people claimed that it's horrible while others said that "it's the best year ever," The Tebows replied that theirs belong to the "second group," adding that their "marriage has been so much better."

Willie and Korie stated that they also married young and thought that they "had a lot of growing to do," saying that they belonged to the "former" group since they fought a lot on the first year of their marriage but have matured since then.

"I think the first year of marriage is tough because you're blending two different families and life experiences and we came from really different backgrounds in a lot of ways," Korie said.

"We were pretty broke that first year of marriage. We worked through a lot of things. We've had our ups and downs within our marriage, but 28 years in I can 100% say, every bit of it was worth it," she further said.

The group also discussed the importance of purity, upholding virginity before marriage.

 Noting that many people nowadays sleep around and choose to have the live-in set up to gauge compatibility, Willie said that intimacy is "not a test" but should be kept until marriage.

Being one of the most popular Christian athletes these days, Willie and Korie wondered how Tim withstood criticisms for standing on his belief.

Tim revealed that there was a time when handling people's opinions was hard for him since he always wanted to be liked by people, but he happened to read a book written by Winston Churchill. In the book, the United Kingdom's former prime minister shared about a stage in his life when most people in the world did not like him and he wrote, "If you have enemies, good. It means you stood for something at least once in your life."

With Churchill's statement, Tim learned that standing up for something you believe in is important. It also changed his perspective of being from somebody who wanted "to be liked," to someone who wanted "to be respected."

Tim said that it is hard to please everybody. But instead, he tried to honor God, "first and foremost," then his parents and family, as well as Demi and their relationship.

"[W]hen you choose those as priorities and for us...We want to serve the Lord first and then serve each other," he further stated.

"To me, it was important to honor my future husband, whoever that was before I even met him or knew who he was going to be," Demi added.

Korie was impressed with the Tebows' stance on purity, noting that it is not "common in the world today."

(Editor's Note: As per PolitiFact, the words Churchill allegedly said, and Tim Tebow quoted above, were wrongly attributed to the great wartime prime minister. The Poynter Institute-owned fact-checker said it came from Victor Hugo in 1845. Interestingly, BBC America included it in a list of quotes believed to have come from Churchill himself.)