Trump Returning To Social Media And ‘Redefine The Game’ With His Own Platform Soon

US President Donald Trump

Former president Donald Trump is preparing to come back on social media by building his very own service.

In January, the Capitol Hill riots set forth a string of events that led to the uprising against Big Tech's most recognizable names, such as Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, and YouTube. What did all of these companies have in common? They banned former President Donald Trump from using their platform to express his constitutional right of free speech.

Social media platforms, most notably Twitter, permanently suspended Trump because his messages allude to the alleged "incitement of violence." Trump supporters were also dismayed at the decision of Big Tech to violate the former president's right to free speech and took to other social media platforms such as Gab and Parler to express their views without being censored.

But Trump is now set to make a major comeback to social media, as revealed by his campaign senior adviser Jason Miller, who spoke out during Sunday's FOX News' #MediaBuzz. Miller announced, "We're going to see President Trump returning to social media in probably about two or three months here, with his own platform."

Redefining the game

Miller shared that Trump's return will be "the hottest ticket in social media' and that he will "completely redefine the game" just as he did during his presidency. The senior adviser admitted that the former president has been in a number of "high-powered meetings" at Mar-a-Lago with several companies that are interested in the venture.

Miller promised that the new social media platform will be "big" and is set to draw "tens of millions of people" because "Everyone wants him," referring to the former president. He also hinted at a "big endorsement" coming from Georgia this week.

Based on Miller's statements, it seems that Trump's social media platform is set to offer longer format content unlike Twitter, which only allows up to 280 characters per tweet. According to Townhall, the senior adviser shared that following Trump's ban on Twitter and Facebook, the Trump's statements "have actually been getting more play than he ever did on Twitter before" and are now also longer."

Miller continued to share that the former president has received praise for his latest longer statements, which are described as "much more elegant the way that the president was able to communicate his thoughts and it very much looked more presidential in that longer form." Those who want to receive Trump's statements can do so via Telegram.

Currently, Trump is still waiting on the decision of Facebook's Oversight Board on whether his account should be reinstated. Engadget reported that according to Oversight Board public policy manager Rachel Wolbers, the decision will not be merely if Trump's account should stay suspended. The decision will also take into consideration the "world leaders policy" and whether certain restrictions should apply to people in power.

Right now, Facebook "provides special consideration to the accounts of elected officials." Under these considerations, politicians are exempted from the platform's fact-checking policies. To date, the former Republican president has over 35.2 million followers on Facebook and had more than 88.9 million followers on Twitter before his account was permanently shut down, figures that he most likely hopes to surpass with his new social media service.