US, Wuhan Scientists Planned To Create More Coronaviruses, Leak Reveals

man-made COVID-19 virus pandemic from Wuhan, China

Scientists from China and the United States have planned to collaborate on the development of a new coronavirus not found in nature, leaked documents pertaining to a grant application revealed.

The grant proposal was obtained by the activist group called Decentralized Radical Autonomous Search Team Investigating COVID-19 or DRASTIC and was submitted to the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), showing how the American research non-profit EcoHealth Alliance planned to work with Chinese scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology to create a new virus using the funding.

"We will compile sequence/RNAseq data from a panel of closely related strains and compare full length genomes, scanning for unique SNPs representing sequencing errors," the grant application read, as per Yahoo! News. "Consensus candidate genomes will be synthesised commercially using established techniques and genome-length RNA and electroporation to recover recombinant viruses."

A World Health Organization (WHO) collaborator who reviewed the coronavirus grant application explained that the newly developed virus may still closely resemble natural viruses found in the wild. The grant said that the U.S. and Wuhan scientists planned to create a "virus genome that did not exist in nature but looks natural as it is the average of natural viruses," which RNA will then be placed in a cell, from which the virus will be recovered.

"This creates a virus that has never existed in nature, with a new 'backbone' that didn't exist in nature but is very, very similar as it's the average of natural backbones," the WHO collaborator explained. The grant was never approved. However, it serves as evidence that coronavirus research in Wuhan has come close enough to developing new, deadly viruses, which are very same ones that can cause global pandemics.

Meanwhile, the Gateway Pundit reported that Alex Jones of Infowars underscored three clips from an hour-long video from the C-SPAN summit which "proved the COVID-19 pandemic was planned and the Big Pharma worked with the UN and other corrupt government officials to develop and release the COVID-19 virus ahead of 'Great Reset'."

"There might be a need or even an urgent call for an entity of excitement out there that's completely disruptive, that's not beholden to bureaucratic strings and processes," Rick Bright, the director of HHS Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) said to a panel that included National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) director Anthony Fauci. "But it is not too crazy to think that an outbreak of novel avian virus could occur in China somewhere."

Blaze Media's Steve Deace took to Facebook to share his thoughts on the revelation of how U.S. and Wuhan scientists planned to create more coronaviruses, saying that despite the grant proposal being rejected in 2018, "the Wuhan database of viral strains was taken offline prior to the Covid outbreak some 18 months later."

Deace added that the "gain-of-function spillover potential chimeras were attempts to create preemptive vaccines for the next SARS and MERS level event" and that this was the reason why COVID is "varant resistant," because it is the "Alpha" or more superior variant than others.